Windows server 2022 vs. 2019 vs. 2016 - What are the Differences?

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Windows Server Comparison

In this modern world, technology takes a primary place in everyone's life and moves the globe. Technology provides you with the best solution to your business problems, and for that reason, it is crucial for every business and individual to stay on top of things.

Technology can immediately become outdated in the blink of an eye, and before you know about it, you're using tech that can potentially spoil your business.

Businesses are always racing to be the first ones and to chase the reputed and first position; organizations cannot afford outdated software and hardware. So, to introduce something unique and have continuous updates to their services.

Microsoft, which is famous for continuously introducing IT products, is the front-runner in its industry. Microsoft Server is constantly revamping its services, presenting new features, and having new releases. And Microsoft Windows Server 2022 is the latest release.

This blog will delve into what this new Windows Server offers, its upgrades, and its features in the comparison of Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2016. So, let’s get started with the older one.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 is the old released by Microsoft; this server's working framework is the successor of Windows Server 2012. In windows server 2016, Microsoft presented a wide range of features. Let's discuss the features and see how this old version is different from the two above that we have discussed.

Features of Windows Server 2016

Active Directory and Federation Services improvements

With this feature, users can configure the AD & FS feature to authenticate users stored in non-active directories.

Improved Remote Desktop Services support

Windows Server 2016 features enhanced remote desktop performance and stability.

New Storage Services

Windows Server 2016 has Storage Replicas and Central Storage QoS Policies.

So these are some of the features available in Windows Server 2016, and some features & and functionalities are accessible by default, such as Windows Defender Integration. So those who are new to the IT field can Buy Windows 2016 Server.

Editions available with Windows Server 2016


Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Essentials edition is best suited to start-ups.


The Standard edition of Windows Server 2016 offers core-based licensing and requires CAL for every client that connects to the licensed Windows server. Storage management features like storage replica & space direct are missing from this edition.


The Datacenter edition is flawless for medium virtualized environments. It has every feature of the Standard Edition.

Microsoft Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2019 is the next Server presented by Microsoft, and our Windows Server 2022 vs. 2019 vs. 2016 guide this the next item. Windows Server 2019 has three significant editions: Essentials, Standard, and Datacenter, precisely the same as Windows Server 2022.

As their names suggest, they are developed for organizations of different sizes. Let's discuss them one by one. Windows Server 2019 Essentials perfectly suits the needs of a small while the Datacenter edition furnishes the widest range of functions among all the other Server OS from Microsoft.

Notable features of Windows Server 2019

Enhanced Security

The primary innovation of Windows Server 2019 is to provide significant security enhancements, and this edition can be the most secure Microsoft operating system. It consists of Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection as well.

Storage Migration Service

Due to the migration feature transferring one server to the windows server’s new version is relatively easy. It presents a graphical tool that transmits the data and inventories it on the server.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and Windows Server Software-Defined Datacenter

The HCI and WSSD is also the latest and most beneficial feature of the Windows server 2019. It is likewise helpful in consolidating software-defined computing, networking, and storage into one place, and it helps provide the best performance, less costly, and efficiently scalable virtualization.

Editions available with Windows Server 2019


Windows Server 2019 Essentials edition features essential Azure Virtual Network integration with smooth network resource mapping. However, features like client backup, experience role functionality, and remote web credentials are absent from this version. But you can find these functions in Windows Server 2022.


Standard Edition of Windows Server 2022 suits physical environments with minimal virtualization. Additionally, it provides you with the essential Azure integration and the Host Guardian Service. However, it does not feature the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, shielded VMs, and software-defined network/storage, but you may find it in Windows Server 2022 Standard edition.


Datacenter edition offers unlimited OSEs and VM containers and has all the Standard edition features. However, it offers unlimited Storage Replica, Host Guardian Hyper-V support, Shielded VMs, software-defined networking/storage, and hyper-converged infrastructure.

So, as we have seen, Windows Server 2019 has fewer features comparatively Windows Server 2022. But one can Buy Windows Server 2019 for small businesses or those who have fewer data to encounter. Now let’s see what Windows Server 2016 has to be served on the plate.

Ahh… enough talks about Microsoft Windows server 2019!

Now let’s focus on Windows Server 2022 and its editions; Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard, Datacenter, Essential, and special Azure editions.

Overview of Windows Server 2022

The latest Windows Server 2022 has provided Microsoft's most secure, trustworthy, and Azure-friendly server in the last two decades. It is built utilizing the best security parameters to respond directly to ever-increasing security threats and daily cyberattacks.

Windows Server 2022 will assist different kinds of businesses in securing their workloads. In addition to that, it will allow you to hybrid cloud integration and update your applications to suit today's IT demands.

Now let’s see some new and revamped features of Windows Server 2022. These features will attract you to make a good purchase.

Windows Server 2022 New Features

  • Firmware attack precluding through Dynamic Root of Trust for Measurement and Direct Memory Access.
  • Hypervisor security via virtualization-based security.
  • Secure connectivity executed via Transport Layer Security.
  • Server Message Block- A client-server communication protocol for transferring different access to other people, such as access to files, printers, serial ports, and other resources on a network.
  • Windows Server 2022 is revamped to support large-scale operations like SQL further.
  • Modifications to Windows Container.

Noteworthy Features of Windows Server 2022

Server and network support improvements

Windows Server 2022’s came with server management upgrades that are much-needed. It will help you to support servers with up to 48 TB of RAM and 2048 logical cores running on 64 physical sockets.

Microsoft introduced modifications to the Transmission Control Protocol and User Datagram Protocol concerning network management and support. In addition to that, it also familiarized virtual switch upgrades and Quick UDP Internet Connections to speed up connections.

Improvements to storage management

Windows Server 2022 came out with markedly enhanced storage management features. It familiarized improved caching, improved hard drive error checks and repairs, and ReFS file snapshots.

More comprehensive Azure support

Being a forefront cloud, Windows, and It solution developer Microsoft serves another fantastic feature in Server 2022. the new Azure support has the best highlights, including automated VM management, excellent .NET application support, enhanced server management, and improved admin center reporting.

Improved application support

Microsoft Windows Server 2022 features unique, optimized updates of container applications and has improved support for large-scale business applications like Microsoft SQL Server 2022. This is mainly due to its capacity to accommodate more RAM and contemporary CPU architecture with more outstanding cores.

Editions available with Windows Server 2022

Windows Server 2022 Standard edition

The Standard version of Windows Server 2022 is ideal for organizations with primarily physical or minimally virtualized server environments. It gives you credentials to everything you need for a trustworthy and fast server that can support your workloads in all fields. To exercise all these features, you will need Windows Server 2022 License; after that, you can enjoy the benefits of Windows Server 2022.

  • Ideal for: Minimally virtualized environments
  • Licensing model: Core-based
  • CAL requirements: Windows Server CAL
  • Pricing: Depends on the number of CALs

Windows Server 2022 Essential edition

Essentials edition is a lightweight server for small businesses. It has all the necessary features and includes up to 25 users and 50 devices.

  • Best for: 25 users and 50 devices
  • Licensing model: Up to 10 cores, Server license, and 1 VM on single-socket servers
  • CAL necessities: No CAL is needed
  • Pricing: Counts on the number of licensing cores and CALs

Windows Server 2022 Datacenter edition

Datacenter edition is most acceptable for businesses with highly virtualized data centers and cloud environments. It can support large workloads, and in addition to that, you will get fast and reliable performance.

  • Ideal for: Approvingly virtualized environments
  • Licensing model: Core-based
  • CAL necessities: Windows Server CAL
  • Pricing: Relies on the number of CALs

Datacenter Azure

Datacenter Azure Edition is a further entrance into Microsoft’s server licensing models list. It allows managing the OS as an Azure Stack Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) cluster or VM, and Microsoft does not plan it for raw physical machines.

Ahh… a quite an informative yet huge blog, right? But after reading this blog, you will have a crystal clear mind with a perfect decision about what you should with. When our customer gives us their precious time and gives a good read our blogs, we at DirectDeals do not just appreciate the efforts, but we assure to deliver the best so that you can make a better decision for your business.

After learning about all the Windows servers, you can see that Windows Server 2022 OEM is the best one as this has more features, advanced security, and a lot more. The next Windows Server 2019 has a bit less than Windows Server 2022, and last but not least, Windows Server 2016 is best suited for start-ups.

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