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Windows 2008 Terminal Services 5 User CALs

Item #: TJA-00124-5LU
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MFG #: 6VC-02073
Retail: $665.99
Price: $625.99
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OLP = Open License Program. Your order will be registered directly with Microsoft's Open License Program. We will register your license the same day of your order, but it will take Microsoft 2-5 days to complete the order. They will send you your license to the email address on the order. If your license includes software and/or product keys, this Open License Order Confirmation email will provide a direct link to Microsoft's website for your download and/or product key.

Microsoft Windows 2008 Terminal Services 5 User CALs OLP. Mfg Part Number 6VC-02073

This item, Windows 2008 Terminal Services 5 User CALs, is an activation code only. This license will provide you with your product key and/or code for activation and does not include any software. It assume the base server software is already installed on your machine and this activation code simply unlocks and activates the software's functions .

When 10 or more CALs are purchased at the same time, your retail activation code for your order will be emailed to the email address on your order within 30 minutes of your order. When under 10 CALs are purchased, your order will be fulfilled thorugh the Microsoft Open License Program, which will take 1-2 Business Days to complete.

IMPORTANT! Whatever information is in the "Shipping Fields" upon checkout will be the fields used for your license registration. If you are an IT professional and you are purchasing for a client of yours, please be sure to put your client's information in the shipping fields. ...and don't worry - we never contact our customer's clients for any reason. It is just for regisration purposes.