What's New in Remote Desktop Web Client

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Remote Desktop Web Client

Remote Desktop Services can catalyze desktop and application software deployment; while allowing customers to run virtually any program or operating system. Businesses widely avail the benefits of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services 2022 to let users use applications inside a server farm.

The Microsoft Remote Desktop client connects to Azure Virtual Desktop to access your desktops and applications. Microsoft regularly updates the Remote Desktop web client, adding new features and fixing existing issues.

Why do Businesses Prefer Remote Desktop Services?

  • Lower resource usage on the clients
  • Standardized environment as well as configuration
  • Easy maintenance during application version upgrades
  • Better bandwidth usage even in high latency or slow connection
  • Seamless integration with the option to push individual applications to the clients

Updates in Remote Desktop Web Client

Let’s know the latest Windows Server 2022 RDS web client updates and check how useful it is for your business. Remote Desktop Web Client is an add-on of a Remote Desktop Services.

In this blog, I have added some noteworthy updates:

Improved client logging, diagnostics, and error classification- Microsoft has improved client logging, diagnostics, and error classification in the latest updates. It facilitates admins to troubleshoot connection and feed issues.

Updates to Teams for Azure Virtual Desktop- Microsoft made updates to teams for Azure Virtual Desktop. It also includes a fix for a bug that caused the erroneous rendering of an incoming screen share during the usage of an ultrawide monitor. Moreover, they’ve fixed an issue that caused calls to disconnect with the use of a microphone with a high sample rate (192 kbps). Now, it offers enhanced noise suppression at the time of calls. Now a diagnostic overlay appears when you press Shift+Ctrl+; (Semicolon) at the time of calls. It only works with version 1.17.2205.23001 or later of the Remote Desktop WebRTC Redirector Service.

Added Banner Warning- The warning banner is added for the users running clients on Windows 7 that support for Windows 7 will end starting January 10, 2023. Moreover, a page is also added to the installer warning for the users running clients on Windows 7.

Updates to MMR for Azure Virtual Desktop- MMR(Multimedia Redirection) now works on remote app browsers and supports up to 30 sites. It introduces enhanced diagnostic tools with the new status icon and one-click Trace log.

Visibility Updates: Web client keyboard shortcuts are added for switching between programs. Now, the client supports native resolution on high-DPI devices. Updated full-screen mode icon behavior to disable the icon after pressing the F11 key to enter full-screen mode. They have also removed support for Internet Explorer and other deprecated browsers.

Benefits of Using Remote Desktop Service

  1. A business's need for data and processing power grows directly to its expansion rate. Furthermore, expanding the present resources to accommodate the demand swiftly is simple; for instance, they require more resources to handle a larger resource quota or even due to unexpected surges during peak hours.
  2. A company's IT spending will almost always decrease when it implements RDS. They don't need to worry about software or hardware upgrades, licensing problems are less expensive, they don't have to continue purchasing or updating to the newest iterations of the latest technology, and they don't even require a server room or an IT lab. The service provider manages each of these features.
  3. Businesses can use their older, less competent computers while still working with the newest innovations. No matter how old the endpoints are, as long as there is a browser and a reliable Internet connection, they will function just as well as the most recent ones. Of course, there are still a few minimal standards that must be met.
  4. Users can complete their work more effectively if they access the newest technologies. An adequately equipped team with the necessary equipment is more precise, effective, and knowledgeable. This results in enormous earnings for the companies who hire them.


Remote Desktop Services helps you with speedy desktop and application software deployment; while facilitating your customers to run virtually any program or operating system.

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