What are the Latest Updates in Windows Server Azure Edition

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Windows Server Azure

Every year the world comes across new techniques of technology and remote work. Small to large businesses are shifting their work remotely, and students start gaining knowledge online while sitting in any corner of the world; these are the most prominent examples of utilizing technology.

It implies that the value of remote work has exponentially increased, especially after covid-19. The whole of humanity now knows the importance of working remotely, and by considering this, Microsoft introduces the Windows Server Azure edition.

Windows Server 2022 Download is specifically built to run as an Azure IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) VM (Virtual Machines) in Azure or as a VM on an Azure Stack HCI cluster. This Azure edition has many exclusive features to enhance business productivity with remote work.

Also, there have been multiple essential updates recently. Plus, there are even more updates scheduled for 2023. Let's see what they are:

Latest updates in Windows Server Azure edition:

Access to Azure networking features

Azure Edition virtual machines that utilize Core or Desktop experience GUI can take advantage of Azure networking features like Server Message Block (SMB) over QUIC. This latest and advanced feature lets you ensure their cloud file shares are as protected as they would be on their networks.

SMB over QUIC works on Azure Stack HCI and Azure. That simply means one can move away from VPNs to support remote workers who are using Windows 11 with Windows Server 2022.


With this feature, the system will not go under a shutdown or reboot process when Microsoft patches the servers Azure runs on. This means Microsoft hotpatches Azure servers take less time, and servers don't stop responding on the network during updates. By utilizing Azure Automanage, users can use security patches to Azure Edition VMs without rebooting the system.

Moving away from preview images

Many Azure Edition improvements don't require you to use preview images for the next release. This is because they either come from updates in other products and services or have been added to the current Azure Edition through Windows Update.

SMB compression in Storage Replica

If you're using the Storage Replica feature to replicate volumes between servers or clusters for failover and disaster recovery. In that case, you might end up moving large amounts of data over long distances, between data centers or to Azure.

And now, the role of the September 2022 cumulative update starts as it allows Azure Edition users to use SMB compression for asynchronous replication in Storage Replica, dramatically speeding up the file transfer process.

Upcoming updates in 2023:

Expanded certificate-based security

In 2023, users can add more client certificates to secure SMBs over QUIC. SMB over QUIC already utilizes certificates on the file server that the SMB client must trust. This update will let users need clients to deploy a certificate before they can connect. As a result, this will improve the security of the process.

Hotpatching access

Hotpatching is currently obtainable for VMs operating the Azure Edition Core image, but this is set to be available for hotpatching VMs with Desktop experience. Therefore, users can expect no longer to need to reboot for monthly security updates.

Though VMs will have to restart a few times each year to get a new baseline with a cumulative update, Microsoft evaluates this could bring down annual reboots to just four.

SMB compression

Currently, documentation on SMB compression setup in Storage Replica is scarce. Soon, users will be capable of using the Windows Admin center GUI to configure; similarly, you can turn on SMB compression for regular file shares.

Benefits of Windows Server 2022 Azure Edition

Windows Server 2022 Azure Edition provides terrific benefits that the traditional "run anywhere" versions of Windows Server do not deliver. Here are the capabilities obtainable via Automanage for Windows Server Services that are outstanding to the Azure Edition.

Hotpatching of Windows Server Azure Edition

The Hotpatching power of Windows Server Azure Edition eradicates the necessity to reboot to complete the update installation. By allowing Hotpatching, cumulative updates released every quarter can be installed by bouncing a server rather than restarting the OS. In addition to that, onboarding, configuration, and orchestration of Hotpatching can be automated utilizing Automanage for Windows Server.

Exclusive Support for SMB Over QUIC

Windows Server Azure edition leverages Server Message Block over QUIC. This general-purpose transport layer network protocol replaces Transmission Control Protocol with a web-oriented User Datagram Protocol mechanism to enhance performance and minimize congestion.

While SMB over QUIC works like a regular SMB file server, the TCP protocol is replaced with QUIC, which is always encrypted and requires TLS 1.3 with certificate authentication.

This eliminates the requirement for complex VPN setups typically utilized for remote file share access and problems associated with some internet services.


With the latest updates and upcoming features, users will definitely enjoy a new remote workspace, which will be smoother. You should purchase Windows Server 2022 License for best practices, critical business workloads, containers, etc.

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