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SQL Server 2017 Standard with 10 CALs Download

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SQL Server 2017 Standard with 10 CALs OLP

SQL Server 2017 Standard with 10 CALs OLP

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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard - Open License

SQL Server Standard is effective for departments and small organizations with delivering basic data management and business intelligence database to run their applications. Plus, it supports common tools of development for on-premises with minimal IT resources.


Capable To Run On Your Favourite Platform

Realize the potential of this industry-leading performance by using SQL Server and Azure. The choice is yours!







Pick Your Language And Platform

For mission-critical OLTP databases to run modern applications the ultimate choice is to choose from the Windows, Linux, and Docker platforms.

Ensure Performance And Stability

The Standard server is scalable, best-in-class which helps in gaining industry-leading performance. It is helpful for intelligent applications, core data management, and business intelligence capabilities for non-critical workloads.

Disaster Recovery And High Availability

With enhanced Always On in SQL Server 2017 you get a unified solution for high availability and disaster recovery. Also, protect your data via encryption at rest and in motion.

Complete BI Solution

Scale up your Business Intelligence (BI) models by turning raw data into meaningful reports. With paginated reports, you gain rich visualizations that can be accessed to any mobile device.


Easy Upgradation

The standard edition can be readily upgraded to a more powerful Enterprise level edition without changing any code. The enterprise has unlimited virtualization with a software assurance benefit and transparent data encryption.

Real-Time Analytical Processing

In SQL Server 2017 you get combined in-memory column store and row store capabilities. It helps in fast analytical processing right on your transactional data like real-time fraud detection without impacting your transactional performance.


SQL Server 2017 Standard Database Availability

Benefits of SQL Server 2017 with SA

Software Assurance coverage helps customers take full advantage of their SQL Server license investment. With SA, SQL Server customers unlock valuable benefits including:

Software Assurance Benefit Standard Enterprise
Next version rights    
License Mobility to shared third party servers    
Fail-Over servers for high availability    
Unlimited virtualization    
Machine Learning Server for Hadoop    
Power BI Report Server    

Build Rich Programming Capabilities

Standard edition has basic corporate business intelligence like basic multi-dimensional models, in-memory storage mode, and basic tabular model to build smart applications by using your desired language.

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard with 10 CALs Download. Mfg Part Number 228-10602

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