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Windows Server 2016 Datacenter 16 Core - Download P71-08651-DL,windows 2016 datacenter,windows server 2016 datacenter 16 core

Windows Server 2016 Datacenter 16 Core Windows Server 2016 helps the world run better by delivering infrastructure for today's data center and tomorrow's digital workplace. Enhanced Security Get an...

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Buy Windows Server 2016 Datacenter For Highly Available, Scalable Software-Defined Storage Solution

The need for a Datacentre edition arises when your business deals with highly virtualized data centres and cloud environments. The product brings new layers of security to the table. Its Azure-inspired innovation for the applications and infrastructure assist in transforming your business the way you want. Buy Windows Server 2016 Datacenter as it supports both the core licensing option and Cal licensing model. Of course, for the Cal model, you will need to buy an additional cal license per your business requirements.

Difference Between the Standard and Datacenter Editions?

The Windows Server comes in three editions- Essentials, Standard and Datacentre. The two editions Standard and datacentre, are the most popular ones. Both editions share many similar features. But, the Datacenter edition is equipped with heavier workloads and larger virtual infrastructures. It aims to achieve all the modern workspace or IT requirements. It also provides some additional features that are not part of the Standard edition product.

In the Windows 2016 Datacenter edition, users get the following:

  1. Users can create an unlimited number of virtual machines VMs, but only one Hyper-V host is available per license.
  2. An unlimited number of Windows and Hyper-V containers can be created by users.
  3. Shielded Virtual Machines helps provide secure boot, trusted platform modules and disk encryption.
  4. There are no limitations as to where a server needs to be hosted. Servers can be either hosts or guests.
  5. Software-defined networking, a feature not available in the Standard edition, enables users to configure and manage their physical and virtual network devices centrally.
  6. A network controller enables users to simplify their network infrastructure's admin, configuration and monitoring.

The release of Windows Server 2016 provided the market with a range of new features. Now the Windows Server 2016 Datacenter price is very affordable. You can avail of these at the best and most competitive prices at DirectDeals. These include new functionality to improve virtualization, administration, networking, security, storage efficiency, etc. The 2016 release became a full-fledged solution that offered users a smooth, hassle-free experience.

The difference between Windows Server 2016 Standard and Datacenter editions becomes particularly evident regarding virtualization, storage replication, containers (a lightweight alternative to VMs), and inherited activation functionality. The Standard Edition is optimal for infrastructures with comparatively low IT requirements. In turn, the Datacenter Edition is in place to satisfy expectations at the enterprise level. Windows Server 2016 Datacenter download is available with product key instantly from our platform. You can rely on our fast services to receive the product at competitive rates.

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