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Windows Server 2019 5 User CALs Only - License R18-05768,windows server 2019 5 cal,windows server 2019 5 user cal,windows server 2019 cal 5 user

Windows Server 2019 5 User CALs Only - License In the Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition get the latest base version software for key virtualization requirements. Also suitable for container...

Price: $228.99

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Windows Server 2019 5 Device CALs Only - License cal windows server 2019,windows server 2019 5 device cal,R18-05767

Windows Server 2019 5 Device CALs Only - License In the Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition get the latest base version software for key virtualization requirements. Also suitable for container...

Retail: $229.00

Price: $178.99

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Products 1-2 of 2 items

Understanding Windows Server 2019 CALs: Your Ideal Place to Shop for CALs

With Windows Server 2019 CALs, you can be ready to elevate your business to all-new heights. Cals are necessary to connect your device to the server. Your business needs a launching pad that can handle big payloads. With Windows Server 2019, your business will benefit from next-level speeds to achieve greater efficiency. This version has excellent storage capacity and built-in data recovery services to boost performance and scalability.

What are Windows Server 2019 CALs?

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 CALs are needed to access Windows Server Standard or Windows Server Datacenter. Windows Server 2019 is famous among businesses as it enables them to capture direct benefits like better data analysis and enhanced security. It significantly lowers costs and provides flexibility to migrate data and services to the cloud. Buy Windows Server 2019 CALs Only for either User Cals or Device Cals in a bundle. You can customize the Cals order from us and contact our customer team for bulk inquiries.

What does a 5 CAL license mean?

Windows Server CAL is not a software but a license that allows a user or device to access Windows Server. CALs enable Users or Devices to access and utilize the services of that server OS. 5 CAL means the maximum number of 5 users can connect to Windows Server at a time. Users can connect to the server from any device if CAL licenses are User CALs. DirectDeals offers a device-based CAL (Device CAL) or a user-based CAL (User CAL) for purchase. If you wish to know Windows Server 2019 CALs Price, you are at the right place. Our platform offers a range of Cals at competitive prices.

What are Windows Server CALs?

Windows Server CAL is a client access license required to access a Windows Server from a device. For example, Windows 10 Pro connected to an AD Domain may need to acquire a CAL to access services from Windows Server such as exchange email, shared printer etc.

How does the Windows Server 2019 licensing model compare to Windows Server 2016?

Microsoft has transitioned from processor-based to core-based licensing for Windows Server 2019 Datacenter and Standard editions. And so, the Windows Server 2019 licensing model includes both Cores and Client Access Licenses. Windows Server Cal 2019 comes with User Cals and Device Cals. Let us understand them in the next section.

What are User CALs?

With the User CAL, you buy the Windows Server CAL for every user. It then allows the user or individual to access the server services such as file storage or printing. For seamless work integration, User Cal is suitable as it provides access to the server regardless of the number of devices. It makes more sense to buy Windows Server 2019 Cal if your company's employees have roaming users. User Cal provides roaming access across multiple devices, unknown devices, or if you have more than users in your organization.

What are Device CALs?

With a Device CAL, the organization have complete control of the internal working as it allows access from the fixed device. So if you purchase a CAL for every device, you can access the Windows Server 2019 irrespective of the number of users who use that device. Notably, Device CALs are considered more economical from the administrative point of view. Besides, if your company has workers who share devices, Device Cals are ideal. Such as for a company that has shift workers, employees can share the devices making access to the server easier without compromising the efficiency.

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