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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Cals only: Buy User Cal and Device Cal Today!

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Cals only refer to the products under the Server+CAL model. And so, the customers buy a server license for each server. Besides purchasing a server license, they must buy extra CAL that depends on the user or device model. The Cal is required for each device called Device CAL or user User CAL to access the SQL Server components. In non-specialists' terms, the SQL server is software, but the Cal is not. CALs refer to the license granting users and devices access to the SQL Server software. Your organization needs this license for legal compliance to avoid any restraint. 

How to License SQL Server 2017 with the Server+CAL Licensing Model?

Under the Server+CAL licensing, running SQL Server 2017 Cals only user follows the below rules: 

  1. Each operating system environment (OSE) or its components must have a SQL Server 2017 server license. The "server license" permits the server to run the SQL Server software or its parts.
  2. The OSE must be assigned to the physical server hosting the OSE- User or Device Cals. 
  3. Each server license allows customers to run any number of SQL Server instances in a single physical or virtual OSE.

To run a SQL Server software on hardware partitions mandates separate software licenses. Hardware partitions are considered to be individual servers for licensing purposes. You can not assign the SQL Server licenses to more than one server at any time. And so, to access a licensed SQL Server, each user/device must have a SQL Server CAL. You also need to note the version you need to access. To access a particular SQL Server, you need software of the same version or newer. For instance, to access a server running SQL Server 2017 software, you need a SQL Server 2017 CAL or above version. Get Microsoft SQL Server 2017 User CAL at a budget price from DirectDeals. But, if you need Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Device CAL, you can also avail of the same from our platform. If you are unsure which one meets your goals: Get our expert suggestion from the support executive!  

While each SQL Server 2017 CAL is version-specific, it allows customers to access: 

1) Any number of current and previous version licensed SQL Server instances 

2) Any current or previous product editions. It includes SQL Business Intelligence, Enterprise, Workgroup, and Small Business edition servers.

The Server+CAL licensing model is useful when: 

Users need to deploy SQL Server 2017 Standard Edition software in scenarios where:

  1. To count users/devices and the total licensing costs that are lower than using the Per Core licensing model. 
  2. You are accessing multiple SQL Server databases and planning to scale out the use of SQL Server in the future. 
  3. Once clients have purchased the necessary CALs, additional server licenses are only required for new server system deployments. 

For more detailed information on this topic, reach out to our customer executive. We would be privileged to help you meet your desired goals. Learn more about SQL Server 2017 Cal pricing. We are available 24x7 at your service.

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