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SQL Server 2016  Standard Download

  The most Comprehensive, Intelligent Database Platform for the Modern Standard Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard: Faster, Safer, And More Intelligent Than Ever Before 01 Industry Leading...

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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard or Enterprise: What’s the secret to choosing the better edition?

Microsoft SQL Server  2016 Standard has everything to meet modern database management needs. Get essential data management to business intelligence databases with fast performance. It is suitable for departments and small organizations that support common development tools. So, you can make it work with minimal IT resources, be it an on-premise or cloud-enabled database management need.

Microsoft released SQL Server 2016 with needful edits and new improvements. Its two main editions, Standard and Enterprise, uproar the market with their features. It forced the organizations to think twice before choosing one. Let's understand the differences in the editions below:

Enterprise edition:

  1. It meets high-end data-center availability, performance, and a wide array of BI features.
  2. It offers unlimited virtualization and unique data reporting features for user access.
  3. It is well worth the higher licensing cost for large enterprises because of how much it provides.

Standard edition:

SQL Server 2016 Standard download offers many of the same features as Enterprise.

  1. It is ideal to meet the expectation of smaller organizations.
  2. It comes with much-needed tools and costs lower than the Enterprise edition.
  3. It can support organizations with less need for IT staff.

Yet, some customers may need more details to choose between the two editions effectively. This is where SQL Server 2016 Standard edition license cost analysis matters. Because the SQL Server 2016 Enterprise license cost is more than the Standard, it goes without notice that the Standard is cheaper than the Enterprise edition. Also, the Standard edition is highly effective for businesses looking for budget relief.

There is no doubt that organization requirements vary. Some think of buying the software from the price point, while others from its relevance. The SQL Server 2016 download software has a database engine for faster performance. But the needs of an organization fall into the specifics designed into each edition. Here are some highlights to consider when buying of SQL Server 2016 edition:

RDBMS Security

SQL Server 2016 Standard echoes similar RDBMS security from that of the Enterprise. Enterprise is more capable because it also has transparent database encryption and extensible Key management features. SQL Server 2016 Standard pricing is less because it misses some Enterprise edition's advanced features. Some organizations work fine with basic security features only due to their nature of business and might not deal with sensitive data. Thus, it's OK to go for the Standard edition option.


The Standard edition has replication features as the Enterprise except for Oracle publishing and peer-to-peer transactional replication. Standard also does not have the transactional replication updateable subscriptions that Enterprise does.


Advanced R integration and R server (standalone) is a feature of Enterprise only and not the Standard. Standard has a wide array of programming options to meet small business requirements. Interesting right? Buy SQL Server 2016 Standard license key to get an instant digital key and start the work.

Integration Services

Basic integration services are part of Standard editions, while the advanced tasks & transformation and advanced sources & destinations are part of Enterprise. In addition to this, Master Data Services is part of Enterprise only.

There are many more distinctions between the two editions. The main common point is that all the primary level features of SQL server 2016 are a part of the Standard edition. In contrast, anything advanced comes under enterprise edition. Choosing between the two editions needs to be evaluated with two factors- price & requirements of any business. Once you get these things sorted out, it becomes easy. SQL Server 2016 Standard edition download product supports is meant for small businesses. DirectDeals aims to support them by selling products at competitive rates. Our guides and info page or the customer support team can provide additional info about the Microsoft products.

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