Reasons to Download Microsoft Office for Mac: Multitasking, RAM & Compatibility

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For young entrepreneurs, MAC is their first choice to work as it is secure, and its classy design is unmatched. Likewise, the popularity of Microsoft Office is unmatched, too, for its user-friendly apps help increase productivity and save time. In this regard, download Microsoft Office for Mac becomes a unique combo for a university student, office worker, or person doing some typical Microsoft Office work. 

Mac PCs still surpass their competitors with a symbolic balance of style, minimalism, and sleekness. Unfortunately, PC users haven't done much for the design part. Moreover, Windows users face slow computer issues primarily related to a virus. 

Rarely is this the case on a Mac. Windows, with User Account Control and Security essentials, have made significant strides in protecting its users. However, Mac, with its Unix kernel and its strict app store, still comes ahead on the 'security' front.

The demanding Microsoft Office Suite usage for Mac is a blessing for many users. In this blog, we will cover its compatibility, specifications, and how multitasking gets simplified in macOS with Office apps. 

Before we dive into details, it is required for users to know how they can download and install Office for Mac in their respective systems.

How to download and install MS Office for Mac?

To download and install the latest version of Microsoft Office for Mac, follow these steps:

1. Go to the DirectDeals website and buy the desired product.

2. A download link with a unique product key will be provided to users on their registered email.

3. Click on the Download button. 

4. Select your language and click the Download button. 

5. Click the Run button. 

6. Follow the instructions on the screen to install Microsoft Office.

You can download and install the office hassle-free by following the above steps. If you want to buy Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business Download - for PC or Mac, it is available at the most competitive price. Visit the website to check the price check.

Office 2021 and Office 2019: A Comparison for Home and Business Edition

The latest 2021 release of Office for Mac includes many highly requested features. It includes new additions to features and bug fixes for Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. It is an unmistakable Office designed for your Mac as it simplifies tasks the best from anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. It can even open large Excel spreadsheets (100mb+), huge export documents, open and edit large medical .pdf files, edit large Powerpoint presentations, and use Outlook and Onenote in the background, all alongside streaming Spotify music and using 30+ tabs of Google Chrome with 4K videos playing.

Here, we will first discuss the Office 2021 of Home and Business for Mac:

The Office 2021 Home & Business standalone apps include Word 2021, Excel 2021, Outlook 2021, and PowerPoint 2021. These are all available for both Windows and macOS. 

Publisher 2021, Access 2021, Project 2021 (Standard and Professional), and Visio 2021 (Standard and Professional) are available for Windows only. 

These four apps- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are common for Office 2019 Home and Business for Mac. However, the release notes for Office 2021 say that Office 2019 for Mac, Office LTSC 2021 for Mac, and Office 2021 for Mac, are available as a one-time purchase. Users have two buying options- to get them as retail licenses or through a volume licensing agreement. Some features on Mac are only available if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, like security updates and non-security updates.

Interested enough? Get a quick Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business for Mac - Download product key via digital delivery.

As of September 13, 2022, the feature updates that sets apart Office 2021 to 2019 are:


Isn't it exciting if you could just type with your voice? Well, bravo, now you can get this feature on the Mac where typing with your voice just got much easier. Now the user can see what they are typing with the new low-profile Dictation toolbar. It is located on the side of your screen.

Besides this, it has new animations that can help users ensure that every word is captured correctly. 


The new excel feature helps supercharge your worksheets with fourteen new text and array functions. It now includes fourteen powerful new functions to quickly split your text and rearrange your data. Try using TEXTSPLIT to separate your text or VSTACK to combine multiple arrays and viola! You can see the magic! 


You can create an engaging presentation and impress clients by inserting a live camera feed directly into your slides. It will allow the members/participants to see the video as you present it there.

The newly added feature helps to make the presentation more accessible to people watching embedded videos in their non-native language. It does justice to people who have difficulty learning to read and people who are hard of hearing by adding closed captions.


The Microsoft Office dictation toolbar has a more responsive interface. Like the smaller toolbar lets, you dictate your documents and emails without getting in the way. 

While these impressive features are a part of the latest software, the demand for Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business for Mac - Download key is still there. So, if you want an upgrade, you can get the 2021 version, but upgrading to 2019 is still worth it. 

Microsoft constantly brings new features and security updates so if you are new to the business, get the latest one. Taking the most recent software is viable if you want to revamp your business. However, for Mac users working lower than the 2019 version, it is advisable to upgrade soon. 

Looking for a budget buy for Office products? Get reliable offers and original product keys only from the DirectDeals platform. A website that has had trustworthy customers for 23 long years. More than that, their impressive customer service made the delivery and download of the product key easy. The journey from the download to installation is guided by professionalism if any customer faces issues. 

Just like the typical workflow of a university student, office workers are made simple on Mac; the same goes for the website. You can get enough information on the products for Microsoft Office as the brand is a certified provider of Microsoft Office products. Thus, making them a viable option to get the genuine product or license keys. 

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