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Microsoft Sharepoint Syntex - Annual Subscription

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SharePoint Syntex is a content understanding, processing and compliance service that uses AI and machine training to automatically organise and classify documents in your SharePoint library. This is also sometimes referred to as a content intelligence service or Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and the effect is to transform your data into knowledge.

Syntex content centre

When enabling and setting up Syntex, the starting point is to create a content centre. A content centre is a special type of site for managing the Syntex models, while also providing the ability to integrate metadata and workflows, and to configure compliant automation. Within the content centre, a model creation tool provides the capability to teach Syntex how to read and process documents in much the same way you would manually. SharePoint Syntex uses the models to automatically recognise content, extract important information, and apply metadata tags. Integrated visual analytics help you track the effectiveness of the models

Object recognition

Syntex can automatically tag images by using a visual dictionary with thousands of commonly recognised objects. In addition, Syntex can recognise and convert handwritten text into tags for use by search and for further processing.

Document understanding

You can teach Syntex to read your content the way you and build AI models with no code. Syntex can automatically suggest or create metadata, invoke custom Power Automate workflows, and attach compliance labels to enforce retention or record management policies.
Document understanding models are based on Language Understanding models in Azure Cognitive Services. These models are created and managed in a Syntex content centre, and you can publish and update your models to any library in any content centre throughout Syntex

Form processing

Separate to the Machine Teaching models, SharePoint Syntex also includes a powerful form processing engine, based on AI Builder, that lets you automatically recognise and extract common values such as dates, figures, names, or addresses from semi-structured or structured documents. These models are also built without code and require only a few documents for reliable results

Advanced taxonomy services

Shared content types can be published to SharePoint and Microsoft Teams through SharePoint hub sites. Publishing content types from the central gallery to hub sites provides a flexible way to ensure that commonly used content types—enhanced with content understanding—can be rapidly deployed and upgraded across broad sections of your architecture as needed. Sites connected to hubs will automatically receive published and updated content types.

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Includes Microsoft Sharepoint Syntex - Annual Subscription
Estimated Delivery Time 1 - 2 Business Days
Delivery Method Digital
License Type 1 Year Subscription
Brand Microsoft
Language Supported English
Platform Supported Windows, Mac