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All around the business world, there's a definite trend taking place – businesses are investing in data center transformation at unprecedented levels. Given the rapid rise of remote and hybrid work arrangements, IT supervisors focus on digital innovations that make their data more flexible, portable, and shareable globally for work collaborators. Simply put, they're investing more diligently than ever in the cloud.

And you will get the best cloud solution for your business only from Microsoft. Currently, Microsoft is focusing on providing cloud solutions to as many organizations as possible to achieve their cloud goals.

With Microsoft CSP Licensing, they're looking to help clients evaluate their technology environment and map out their cloud journey, built around strategic investments in the most valuable cloud resources. When you partner with Microsoft, you unlock many benefits for your end users and your organization.

This blog will tell you the hands-on benefits of CSP Licensing; to know more, keep reading!

What is CSP?

CSP is a licensing contract that Microsoft introduced in 2015 to let you procure Microsoft cloud services and software licenses straight from Microsoft partners, who often bundle them with their services. Products or services in CSP contain Microsoft 365, Azure, and a subset of server and desktop licenses.

Although CSP works differently for every Microsoft product, some of the products are; Enterprise Agreement, Select, or Open Value. For CSP Product licensing, you must sign a licensing agreement– your CSP partner will facilitate it. However, there are meaningful differences between CSP and traditional Microsoft licensing channels. CSP licensing is different in the following ways:

  • CSP licensing is different because they operate in another way as compared to traditional licensing.
  • Not all Microsoft products & services are accessible through CSP.
  • The licensing terms and conditions of CSP licensing are also different from traditional licensing.

Let's see the differences in detail that how CSP licensing is different:

Difference between other licensing and CSP licensing

Feature comparison

EA (Enterprise Agreement)

CSP (Cloud Solution Provider)


3 years agreement








Increase user

Anytime, but with annual true-up billing



Not included

Premium support

So after looking at the table, you must see a major difference between both the licensing, but which one should you choose, and Which is the right choice for your business?

What to choose?

Choosing the CSP program is best if you're looking for a scalable solution to help your organization adapt over time. CSP allows you to instantly add or remove users and products, and you only pay for the licenses you use. By contrast, a Microsoft Volume License curtails your ability to change license numbers over time but let me tell you; it can cost more compared to CSP licensing.

EAs or volume licensing are well appropriate to businesses looking for a fixed price for licensing for three years and those confident that they won't require to make notable changes to license numbers over the period.

Even among organizations that fit these criteria, there's often a muscular argument for switching to CSP for its superior flexibility and decreased costs.

When you are scrolling about EA vs. CSP, then you must see another licensing called Perpetual Licensing. To put it simply, perpetual is a one-time purchase, just like the perpetual release of Microsoft productivity suite, for example, Microsoft Office 2021 perpetual release.

As we have seen in the above para, CSP is a subscription-based licensing, but let me tell you the good news; you can buy CSP products under perpetual licensing. Microsoft came up with a new licensing called Microsoft Perpetual License in CSP.

Microsoft's Perpetual CSP program allows consumers to purchase on-premise software licenses that can be utilized perpetually. Via Perpetual in CSP, partners make a one-time purchase for licenses up-front and complete the order by providing the product key and making the software available for download by the end consumer.

As we have talked too much in favor of CSP licensing, let's see the core benefits of this licensing.

Benefits of CSP licensing

Enhanced safety and security

The enhanced security in CSP licensing will give access to your organization to enjoy cutting-edge security features and technologies. This contains Azure Information Protection, which can assist in protecting your organization's sensitive data, and Azure Security Center, which can help shield your organization's data and applications from online dangers.

Compliance with Microsoft CSP

A Microsoft CSP can improve compliance by giving your organization credentials to cloud services that adhere to industry standards and regulations. Microsoft 365 License, which complies with industry benchmarks like SOC 2 and ISO 27001, also includes Azure, which complies with HIPAA, SOC 2, and ISO 27001.

Adaptability with a Microsoft CSP

A Microsoft CSP licensing can give your business the adaptability to scale its cloud services as the company expands. In addition, buying and managing cloud services from a single provider involves adding or removing users, changing service plans, and more. This can give your company the flexibility it needs to adapt to changing business requirements while streamlining the managing and billing process for cloud services.

So, these are the amazing benefits of CSP licensing that will compel you to try CSP products at least once. Other than this, if you want to know more about cloud services/products, you can contact us through our website, DirectDeals.

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