Increase Your Business Efficiency with MS Project 2019

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Microsoft Project 2019

Since the dawn of the digital age, there isn't a single industry we can think of that hasn't had to reinvent itself in technical shape or form to remain relevant. And Project management is not exempt from this natural selection. For managing a project easily and efficiently, project management tools came into the role.

The main reason for opting for a project management tool is to assist an individual or team in organizing and manage their projects and tasks effectively. With project management tools, the manual work gets reduced, and the project managers can focus on productivity in the meantime.

A project management tool is a great option to choose for maintaining transparency between the team members, project managers, clients, etc. And you can chase efficiency, productivity, and transparency all these benefits in one tool, which is MS Project 2019 Download; as the name suggests, this tool is the product of Microsoft. Microsoft always tries to upgrade by adding new features and functions to its tools and software.

Other than these features, MS Project 2019 includes much more features to make your projects quick and efficient.

Features to plan a brilliant project

Project Management

Microsoft Project software has friendly scheduling tools where project managers can list tasks, assign them to teammates, and set details like duration and due date. It contains different views like grid view, board view, and Gantt chart view, where project managers can supervise schedules.

Built ready for collaboration, it authorizes co-authoring so teams can work with other stakeholders to edit and update task lists, task dependencies, project schedules, and priorities. Employees can also use MS Project for timesheet submission as it captures project and non-project time and links it to payroll or invoices.

Link tasks using a drop-down menu

Users or project managers need not remember the task ID you want to link to. Instead, when you choose a cell in the Predecessors column and then pick the down arrow, you'll notice a list of all the tasks in your project. The task hierarchy and order match your project, making it effortless to scroll to the right task and select the check box beside it.

Portfolio Management

MS Project lets project managers manage multiple projects and programs simultaneously in a business. And equip information as to which initiatives should have preference. Modern features of this fantastic tool, such as business intelligence, can model different scenarios and help companies determine the most suitable path and the higher value.

This tool has features to evaluate and weigh project proposals against business goals. Organizations can also use Microsoft Project management software for demand management to capture ideas across departments.

Resource Management

MS Project allows teams to forecast resource requirements, predict bottlenecks early, oversee utilization, and ensure timely project delivery. Project managers can restrict the project team, understand when to ask for resources regarding the project, and appoint tasks to resources.

Additionally, they can view and compare resource utilization across projects. Pre-built reports can assist them in tracking progress on resources and projects, programs, and portfolios.


Microsoft Project is nearly unbeatable when it comes to working seamlessly with Microsoft's market-dominant ubiquitous Microsoft 365 Office suite. The project management software works smoothly with Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Skype, and Microsoft SharePoint, along with effortless integration into Azure and other Microsoft platforms.

Microsoft Project software is a pioneer among project management tools; thus, the ribbon interface is similar to multiple Microsoft products like Microsoft Excel. Moreover, this tool is flexible enough for other purposes, such as road mapping or financial management.

Microsoft Project reporting

Microsoft Project is not restricted till assigning tasks and goals. It also has prebuilt reports features in which you can create and send your report to other team members. Relying on your needs, you can create reports to; track progress for particular projects or sub-projects, track resource usage, and provide information on program status and efficiency.

With Project, you'll be able to continuously optimize and iterate on your processes and workflows, assuring your business becomes more efficient and productive over time.

Co-authoring functionality

Microsoft Project's co-authoring feature emphasizes teamwork, an essential element of Office 365 and related applications. This feature lets team members and stakeholders unite to edit schedules, task lists, and individual tasks.

The co-authoring functionality also means that several department heads can work simultaneously on updating tasks. So, everybody is aware of what is happening in the particular project.

How can you grow your office skills?

Let's take a basic task and see how you can utilize the above techniques to do the best project.

The starting points of doing a project in an organization:

  • Add task- To add a task to Project, you must follow the;

1. Hit View > Gantt Chart.

    2. Type a name in the first vacant Task Name field below the task list, and press Enter.

      • Outline the task.

      1. Click View > Gantt Chart.

        2. In the Task Name column, snap the task you wish to indent.

          3. Click Task > Indent Task. With this, your particular task becomes a subtask.

            4. To remove the task from the subtask category, click Outdent Task to shift the task back to the level of the task above it.

              5. The task is back to the level of the task above it.

                • Link task

                1. Click View > Gantt Chart.

                  2. Hold down Ctrl and snap the two tasks you wish to link (in the Task Name column).

                    3. Click Task > Link the Selected Tasks.

                      • Change your view

                      1. Hit the View tab.

                        2. Snap the view you wish to utilize. In the Task Views category or Resource Views group.

                          3. To sight all the available views, click Gantt Chart > More Views, and then select from the options in the More Views dialog box.

                            • Print your project

                            1. Click File > Print > Print.

                              That's it from my side! The features we have mentioned in this blog are the most significant, and we have seen how you can implement these features and use them to their fullest. These features will help you and your team to work on a project faster, and you will be able to deliver your project on time.

                              One more noticeable thing is that you can select its editions according to your business or project's needs.

                              Like Microsoft Project Professional 2019 offers pre-built templates that facilitates you to get your project started on the right track. Moreover, you can also sync with Project Server and Project Online. Microsoft Project Professional 2019 Download will also help you to auto-populate start as well as end dates based on dependencies of your project.

                              Bottom Line

                              As you can notice, there is much more to benefit from Microsoft Project 2019 Standard and Professional edition, such as efficiency, productivity, transparency, portfolio management, resource management, and much more that can not even feed into a single sentence.

                              In today's world, Microsoft Project is the most demanded tool in all kinds of businesses. This tool can help you manage all types of projects, whether short-period or government projects. So, Download MS Project 2019 to increase your business efficiency and productivity.

                              As we have discussed that MS Project maintains transparency among the business owner, clients, business partners, project manager, and teammates. DirectDeals also maintains transparency between our customers and the team of professionals.

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                              Let Microsoft Project 2019 maintain a strong team workflow, smooth collaboration, and quick planning.

                              We would love to hear from you!

                              I hope you find the blog informative! If you find this blog helpful, please let me know your suggestions and feedback in the comment section below. You can go through our wide range of Software and Hardware products.

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                              Thanks for paying attention!!

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