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Nationwide comprehensive e-waste solutions

Our services work for all industries! Whether you are an organization or small office, educational institution, or manufacturing unit, we can handle all your e-waste. Our work, as usual, comes with competitive rates and a top-notch service guarantee. Our services can help you with:


Our Data destruction service takes the most stringent measures that you can trust. We ensure that even sensitive data isn't compromised.


Our recycling process undertakes safe and efficient means for recycling laptops, monitors, routers, servers, and other IT equipment.


Our custom solutions include Data Destruction, Hard Drive Shredding, and Asset Liquidation that can fit your organizational needs.


Our experienced assessors will evaluate your equipment and ensure you receive the right amount for your old or used equipment.

What is the need for recycling e-waste?

Electronic hazardous waste or e-waste is generated by almost every individual, institution, and business. It may be broken, obsolete, old, and surplus electronics devices that take up unnecessary space. These wastes are hazardous as they contain toxic lead and highly corrosive and reactive metals. Therefore, proper management and recycling of these electronic items are required to cut down chemical emissions. It also helps lowers the risk and saves the cost of warehousing them.

Industries We Serve


Hospitals and Healthcare

We provide our services to the medical industry with secure and reliable disposal of E-Waste


Government Entities

We've got the Government e-waste problem covered with meticulous reporting and faultless data destruction.


Banking and Financial

We help you secure the banking sector that works majorly on computers and servers that handle massive data.


Schools and Universities

Educational institutions also demand a modern solution to e-waste disposal that envisions a safe future.


Gaming / Casinos

It requires an enterprise solution for e-waste liquidation, recycling, asset management, and refresh cycle.

Industrial Facilities

Industrial Facilities

The industrial sector requires a knowledgeable partner focused on transparency and data destruction.

Call Center

Call Centers

Recycling Call Center electronics is full of industry-specific challenges, but we have got you covered.

media / Entertainment

Media / Entertainment

It involves the disposal of computer-assisted graphical and audio production programs and software

Software Companies

Software Companies

A highly demanding sector that generates significant e-waste due to using tech equipment to make the job easier.

Electronics OEMs

Electronics OEMs

Obtain secure and reliable disposal of e-waste and a compliant data destruction partner focused on transparency.

Data Centers Equipment

Data Centers Equipment

Our data center decommissioning services have the tools and experience to get the job done correctly and efficiently.



Be it tablets, smartphones, and mobile equipment- our job is to recycle them for a secure and safe environment

Why Should You Choose DirectDeals?

Because we provide our customers with complete IT solutions. Not just do we sell IT software products, but we understand that technology keeps on changing. Such that it keeps piling up year by year. So instead of holding them, which takes up much space, why not recycle them? At DirectDeals, we can help you choose environmentally responsible recycling that is sustainable for future generations. Our services come with the following benefits:

  • We are present in 45+ States through support from various local vendors.
  • We cater to a steady revenue stream from the liquidation of used equipment.
  • We help save overhead costs associated with space and warehousing.
  • We offer live tracking that ensures secure transportation of data-sensitive material.
  • We provide custom disposal and recycling like on-site Hard Drive Shredding.
  • We may offer a Certificate of Destruction and other auditing certificates upon request.

We understand that various data centers, software companies, and manufacturing facilities must obey the e-waste recycling program. And so, we provide the Certificate of Recycling and Certificate of Destruction that is audited by the R2, EPA, NIST, HIPAA, FERPA, FACTA, and SOX Compliant. Also, follow ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 9001 regulations. We can take your e-waste disposal with ease.

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