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DirectDeals ITeS Services

Dynamic business solutions to achieve outstanding results and Competitive gains!

Custom Software Services Provider

Scale-up your business with tech-savvy packs

The future will shower fortune on those who have gone digital. The future of business speaks of going digital.

Seeing this as a necessity, DirectDeals offers intelligent solutions that can quickstart your digitalization process. Do not fall behind your competitors but boost your online business presence with us. Implement digital solutions from the very start. We have outstanding experience in web application development, mobile app development, digital marketing solutions, e-commerce cataloging services, and much more. We ensure businesses compete in the market and be future-ready via our custom software solutions. DirectDeals offers excellent quality, high reliability, speedy deliveries, and, above all, cost-effective products.

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Contact Us for Enterprise plans where we cater to your unique ideas and tailored them to your needs.

Top ITes Service Provider

Our custom software service packages can meet your business needs and industry requirements.

There are times that businesses need to quickstart the digital transformation journey. It requires them to work parallel with the latest changes in layouts, content, languages, and technology. And so, aligning the cost with these changes is our motive here. We can help push your brand beyond its boundaries and optimize your workflows. We make businesses future-ready and more successful through our custom plans.

Custom CRM Development Services

CRM solutions are becoming an inevitability for businesses these days. DirectDeals is creating custom CRM solutions that are well-matched for enterprises & aiding them to optimize their value & get the top out of it.

Mobile App Development Services

Get end-to-end mobility solutions from initial conceptualization to final deployment in the play store and app store. Depending on the plans, the services may vary for Android & IOS Native Applications.

Web App Development Services

Get secure, scalable, high-performing, and feature-packed web development services that can be customized to your liking. This software service includes various industry verticals at competitive prices.

Digital Marketing Services

Get promotional and influential marketing services that can create a digital presence in the market to make your products & services known. Compete at par with your competitors and finally advantage from all that.

E-commerce Cataloguing Services

Get shop and product listing for your e-commerce purposes on Facebook, Instagram, or more platforms. We offer complete E-commerce cataloging services such as uploading your products, optimizing pages, etc.

Web Analytics Services

Get the facts on your traffic with web analytics, a popular choice among small to mid-sized companies. Observe and watch performance improvement with tag manager, ad conversion tracking, and more.

Technology Stack

Technologies we work with

Our ITeS Plans

Our Team creates Pleasant & Meaningful Web Experiences

Mobile App Service

Get a professionally designed Android app and iOS or convert your website into an interactive mobile app.

Web (data) Analysis

We carry out business analysis, investment research, market analysis, and more to obtain useful insights for your benefit.

Retail & E-commerce

Increase sales with engaging mobile applications to increase visitors and sales.

Web Design

Get up and running with a modern, responsive UI/UX or design to HTML/CSS.

Landing Page Design

Engage your audience with a smashing landing page design and much more.

Manufacturing & Business Apps

Make the correct app from the very start to outsmart your competitors.

Email Marketing

Get the best ROI from your email marketing strategy, automation, and more.

Social Media

Get an action plan, content, calendar, and responsive social media management.

Complete IT Solutions Dedicated to Businesses

A wide range of software service solutions is at your fingertips. Avail the services with just one click!

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    Get quality services at every price point. We charge precisely for the work you want.

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    Get experts to work for you that possess the right approach to get it done on time.

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    Get your work done in a professional way with our team that has proven experience.

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    Get your end product delivery that meets excellence, competitiveness, and quality.