Difference Between MS Office 2021 Home Suite & Business Suite

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Office Student Suite vs. Business Suite

Microsoft Office, I know you all are familiar with this word. You used to make presentations and assignments in your school days. But Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student is still practical in the business world, well, of course.

With the passage of time, Microsoft has upgraded its applications and their features for your professional work. Additionally, they introduced some amazing new versions and editions to ease your organization's work.

And Microsoft Office 2021 is one of the most recent versions of the productivity suite. It has some advanced features, and its applications will effortlessly soothe your day-to-day tasks. But how will you choose the right edition for you?

So, in this blog, we will discuss the difference between MS Office Home & MS Office Business 2021. But before jumping into the pool of differences, let's know about Microsoft Office deeply.

What is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a bunch of desktop productivity applications, and it has grown to become more than an application used in business environments due to its easy-to-use applications.

Almost every business uses a computer, PC, or Laptop, and whoever uses these systems needs an office software suite composed of a Spreadsheet, Word, and Presentation software. Microsoft incorporates them into a single MS Office suite, which has been widely and popularly used for decades.

Why is Microsoft Office famous?

Easy to use

Office Home & Business 2021 has fantastic applications that can be used for complicated operations, depending on how you want them to be.


Microsoft Office has diverse applications for various projects. For example, MS Word is a full-featured word-processing program. And it is compatible with Windows & Mac and is commendable for making your doc professional. Just like MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, and other fantastic applications will simplify your daily business tasks with their advanced features.


As cybercrimes are increasing exponentially, therefore Microsoft has taken responsibility for keeping your business's crucial data and information safe. And that will happen when all your necessary data is stored in the cloud with real-time safety scans for messages and documents.

Universal software

Microsoft Office is Universal because it has all the necessary applications & features, and in addition to that, it is compatible with Mobile, PC, and Apple.

Access from any time, anywhere

As discussed, all your data will be safe and secure on the cloud, which means you can access it in real-time at any time, even while sitting in some other country.

Ahh… that's quite impressive, right? Now let's get back to our focal point, the difference between both the productivity suites, i.e.., Home & Business.

Parameters of Comparison

Well, the primary difference between the Student suite and Business suite is the applications they come with. Some applications are accessible with both suites, and some are only available with the Business suite. So, let’s see what you will get with Microsoft Office Home 2021 and what you will get with Microsoft Office Business.


Microsoft Word is a word processor software that is available in both suites. It has top-quality publishing capabilities and is widely used by students and businesses. It is easy to use and gives a professional touch to the documents. Furthermore, Word 2021 has some additional features, such as Autocorrect to immediately correct your grammatical mistakes, robust Formatting Tools to make your docs more appealing, and much more.

In addition to that, one can effortlessly share docs via various means and can collaborate in real-time with Co-authoring feature. Also, there is no language barrier, as Microsoft Word will introduce you to Microsoft Translate.


Microsoft Excel 2021 is a spreadsheet program used to create graphic tools, calculations, pivot tables, and macro programming language, and this fantastic application is accessible in both Office 2021 Home & Student and Business versions.

Additionally, it offers you the ability to make different kinds of graphics. And this leading program includes the feature of Better collaboration with modern comments.

Excel cells are capable of holding vast amounts of data in the structure of text, numbers, dates, and more. Moreover, one can efficiently work on this through new formulas that will help you to finish your work in minimal time.

Co-authoring features are also present in Excel, and some more exciting features are there, such as you can easily track who is working on your sheets, LET functions, XLOOKUP, Visual refresh, and a lot more.


PowerPoint 2021 has many commendable features, but three of them are the major ones, and those three are; advanced editor for great formatting, methods, and tools that allows you to insert. This application is also available in both suites. Other than these three significant features, it has 3D models, graphs, animations, visual effects, a slide-show system, and a lot more to explore and make your presentation outstanding.


OneNote is a visual notebook that includes features to make you organize anytime. You can hold up your necessary notes regarding your business and other things, and the good news is it is accessible with both suites.

Features like viewing your notes in a feed to find the urgent ones easily. One can also divide the notes into sections and pages to keep tracking your notes. Additionally, you can effortlessly find your notes via multiple methods like typing the name of notes, highlighting, and even ink annotations.

You need not worry if it is accessible with Home and Business or which one you should choose to have this unique application as just like the above applications, OneNote is also available in Home suite and Business suite both.


Outlook is not accessible with MS Office 2021 Home & Student edition; to enjoy this application and features, one needs to purchase Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business edition. This application allows the user to manage their inbox more efficiently with capabilities including Search at Top and Translator.

Take a deep breath; this blog is about to end. So, it is evident that both suites are outstanding in their own ways. If you are a student or handling a start-up. In that case, you can start with Microsoft Office Home and Student and can upgrade accordingly after your organization's data and employees increase. And for professional use, you must go with Office Home and Business 2021

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