How to Buy Genuine Microsoft Windows 10 Keys

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Windows 10 License Key

Windows 10 is undoubtedly one of Microsoft's best OS yet that has made an impact among software enthusiasts. Many are looking for a Windows Pro upgrade, and their search ends with Windows 10. Windows 10 Pro stands on a solid foundation for every business. It is steady and has many exciting features like Windows Hello, Dark Mode, and advanced security. All these premium features have made a great hit in the market, especially among game developers, by offering a speed boost and a new level of immersive performance.

To access these features, you'll need to activate your Windows 10, meaning you have to buy a product key. A product key is necessary to eliminate the risks of non-genuine software. Having an original product key will not only save you from unwanted attacks, but you will be getting features that improve productivity. You will also be more secure and get support features that optimize your computer's performance.

If you are looking for options to buy Windows 10 Pro price in USA, you have come to the right place. Let us look at them in the next section:

Is it necessary to upgrade?

One of the common questions buyers have is why to upgrade. What is the advantage of upgrading to new software? An upgrade will bring improved versions of the features in an easy-to-use package. So whether you love working on Windows 7, its aging and the end-of-life require you to get a new OS. With Windows 10, you can enjoy a host of improved features. We have highlighted those features below:

  • Windows 10 helps protect you and your family with comprehensive, built-in, and ongoing security protections.
  • You can connect across devices to bring your favorite apps and files with you anywhere.
  • It is highly efficient and productive software that is user-friendly, fast, and secure.
  • It has Microsoft Edge that lets you browse the internet faster and safer.
  • It gives a uniquely personal experience that lets you work the way you want. Windows adapts to you, whether you have a personal preference or a unique work style.

Ways to obtain an authentic license key for Windows 10

Different license types can be legally obtained to get the security, updates, and support you need. These are Retail, OEM, and Volume license.

A retail license lets you install the product on one computer, while a volume license enables you to install it on as many as you want to pay for with one product key. The OEM license is for the new PCs/Laptops for a fresh installation. For example, the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM 64-bit download product will help you install it on a new device. The OEM license is suitable for end users or small companies as they deploy enterprise OEM licenses to add machine learning, NLP, and AI capabilities to their products. Let us learn what else you need to follow before buying the license keys:

Know your seller: To get a legal license means buying from an authentic source. This is a given parameter; you can obtain a genuine license key from the official Microsoft site. But there are other ways to buy them at a cost-effective price. You need to know about the Microsoft-certified partner that provides original license keys. One of the renowned certified providers here is DirectDeals, as they have been an accredited Microsoft provider for 23 years. Plus, they are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, making them a reliable medium to shop.

Know your individual/ business needs: A software license gives you the legal right to install, use, access, display, run, or interact with a particular software program. Sometimes you may need a license for each computer or device on which the software is installed. Depending on the business requirements, these vary, so you need to be sure of the nature of your business. If you need it for personal use, get a perpetual license. If you need it for educational usage or organizational needs having a volume license is the best option.

Know the license you want: You need a license for each Microsoft software program. Microsoft offers a range of licensing models to meet the different needs of customers. The terms and conditions for every licensing vary, as does the price – both depend on the purchased license type.

What is the risk of getting illegal or non-genuine software?

There are many pitfalls to using an illegal product key. Firstly, they are legal for a reason, meaning they can protect your data and provide security. You can personalize the data, which can be used and shared professionally. However, to keep you informed and better decision making we have mentioned the downfalls of using illegal license keys below:

Malware attacks

The malware contains ransomware and blocks access to data or user accounts unless a ransom is paid. To avoid them, an authentic license can save your data from unforeseen damage.

Stolen bank details

Hackers may attack your device, clone your credit card, and access your bank accounts. This will be a massive setback, resulting in financial loss for you or your business. So it's better to prevent such significant future losses by buying the license key at cost-effective rates.

Reputation and brand damage

Prevention is better than cure! This is apt for our case because it will take only a few minutes for the hackers to destroy your business data and other valuable information. It takes years to build customer trust, and base and only one security breach may harm your image and erode customer trust. Your sensitive and financial data may be compromised, resulting in financial damage. It could even be used for criminal activities.

Business disruption

An illegal software is more prone to security breaches, which have many repercussions. One of them is that a data breach can halt your entire business operation, harming your website and stealing your CRM and accounting systems. These hackers can be anybody, from your competitors to random hackers. So it is better to save yourself if you have sensitive data, and you could lose critical personal files and business datalike customer and accounting information. So if you want to download OEM Windows 10, you must get a license, for it will ease your work in making new apps, developing games, etc.

Hopefully, you can make a better decision now that you have learned enough about the use of illegal software and why it is necessary to buy real ones. We also understand that identifying genuine software, especially in the online market, is challenging. But you can trust Microsoft-certified partners like DirectDeals with 23 years of service experience. We also provide post-sales support that can help you download and install. So at every step, we are there for you 24x7 so that you can contact us anytime. 

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