How Microsoft SQL Server Paves the Way for Cloud Computing for Businesses?

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Microsoft SQL Server

Businesses today are looking for cloud solutions to manage their big data. Microsoft's SQL Server is one of the best tools for organizations handling large databases. With the cloud becoming a strategic part of IT services, new features and services are continually released. One popular software version is Microsoft SQL Server 2019 CAL, which is available in the market. SQL Server 2019, with in-cloud and on-premises versions, provides more storage and analytic tools.

To license an SQL Server means to take advantage of the following:

Pricing- Pay by processing power for mission-critical applications and business intelligence, plus you can add self-service BI on a per-user basis.

Flexible- Take the benefit of cloud-optimized licensing by licensing VMs. It also allows you to shift from server to server, to hosters, or the cloud.

Scalable- For the Industry-leading TCO, they can enjoy the outstanding value at any scale compared to other competing solutions.

While these benefits attract buyers towards SQL Server, the growing need for cloud services is also one of the reasons for its attraction. Rapid digitization is compelling businesses to rebuild their application, and the improved infrastructure landscapes are cost-efficient and provide business agility. Organizations can support their critical business activities, move business workloads to a cloud platform, and avoid network latency by implementing cloud solutions and services. Let us understand how SQL Server provides cloud solutions for these needy businesses.

What is AZURE SQL?

It is a family of managed, secure, and intuitive products/services which make use of the Microsoft SQL Server database engine in the Azure cloud. There are three options to choose between Azure SQL services:

Azure SQL Database- It supports cloud apps on managed database service that includes serverless computing.

Azure SQL Managed Instance- Scale up your existing SQL Server applications with almost 100% feature parity. The SQL Server database engine works best for most migrations to the cloud.

SQL Server on Azure VMs- With this, you can easily lift and shift your SQL Server workloads. You can also manage 100% SQL Server compatibility.

It is noteworthy that Azure SQL is constructed upon the familiar SQL Server engine. So, you can easily migrate applications and continue using the tools, languages, and resources you're familiar with. Your skills and experience transfer to the cloud, so you can do even more with what you already have.

How do Azure services work for SQL Server?

The Microsoft Azure service offers a very high level of security and multiple certifications for varied industries. It honors data sovereignty for government requirements as Microsoft Azure has a dedicated cloud platform that handles government workloads. Here, security alone should not be considered the primary decision point for on-premises systems. You should carefully evaluate the level of protection provided by Microsoft Azure before deciding to retain your effective data solutions on-premises.

Looking to install SQL Server Database On Azure- download SQL Server 2019 Standard edition. Try this edition to make the transition to the cloud smooth.

What are the SQL Server Solutions Available to Businesses?

Here are some of the businesses' primary doubts about running more robust solutions and applications in the cloud. Let us also learn how SQL Server and hosting providers work together to address them:


Performance is an important parameter to consider in today's scenario. Back when the Disk I/O speed was so poor that it was simply not worthwhile to run an application on a virtualization platform, the hardware had no virtual bits. With that, the virtual layer had to simulate more since it lacked direct access to the CPU. Those times have passed. Running SQL Server on the cloud boosts efficiency and enables businesses to advance without downtime. Performance degradation, as a result, drastically decreases, and in some cases, has even shown to run faster than in a dedicated environment.


When managing critical business data and applications in the cloud, companies are concerned about how they can access and collect their information. SQL Server's built-in tools allow organizations to scale and control servers, instances, database applications, and resource utilization more efficiently through a single-user console.


SQL Server has built-in security and compliance capabilities that allow organizations to manage how people access data and audit information to help with their regulatory compliance needs (e.g., HIPAA, PCI Data Security Standard Compliance). SQL Server has database encryption for businesses that need to secure sensitive data because they collect credit card or social security information so people cannot query, steal or recover it elsewhere.


Many firms lack the expertise to deploy and operate their applications when moving SQL Server databases to the cloud. Businesses are frequently hesitant to virtualize applications at the core of their operations where there is zero tolerance for performance degradation or outage due to a lack of experience and confidence. Businesses may manage SQL Server databases in the cloud with the assurance they need, thanks to a hosting service provider's virtualization experience. On an important note, you can try SQL Server 2019 Enterprise at a low price here.

Cost Effectiveness

For business, it is essential to allocate resources in less to more cost-effective ways. Here, Azure services are effective as it enables businesses to reduce monthly recurring charges by paying only for the resources they use. Companies that take advantage of the subscription model to boost their return on investment. They do not have to purchase on-premise hardware, software, and support personnel, thus saving time and cost.

After knowing the above reasons, I am sure you need the azure SQL database for your business. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, you are just at the right place. With DirectDeals, you can access special deals to get the Azure service and SQL Server software at competitive prices. We also help setup them up for different industries like- Financial Services, Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Education, Nonprofit, IoT specific industry solutions. So, if you are in the following core industries, you can contact us to take AZURE services.

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