5 Simple Differences Between Windows Server 2022 RDS and 2019

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Windows Server RDS 2022 Vs. 2019

Microsoft Windows Server is one of the most popular operating systems for businesses of all sizes. Windows Server 2022 RDS is a component of Windows Server that enables online communication with other devices. For instance, it is possible to communicate with different types of remote desktops and data center applications via the internet or a company network.

The Windows Server 2019 was first released in October 2018, and Windows Server 2022 was launched on August 18, 2021, for general customer availability. Windows Server 2019 offers many new features that help increase efficiency to stop cyberattacks and promote a security-focused culture.

Yet, no matter how good Windows Server 2019 is, Microsoft brings a new version to make it more powerful. Because there's always room for improvement, Windows Server 2022 is here to do justice to contain the increased cyberattacks!

Herein the blog, we will discuss the two Windows Servers and how they compare below:

Why do we need RDS?

We need Remote Desktop Services client licenses to enable access for each device/user to connect to a Remote Desktop Session Host server. They are managed by Remote Desktop Licensing (RD Licensing), formerly known as Terminal Services Licensing (TS Licensing). RDS CALs are installed, issued, and tracked using RD Licensing on a Remote Desktop license server.

For larger deployments, the Remote Desktop Services 2022 license benefits big organizations. If you plan to upgrade from 2019 to the 2022 version, now is the right time to get offers and deals.

RDS 2022 vs. 2019


Remote Desktop Service 2022 is secure compared to the 2019 version. Even though Microsoft added Advanced Threat Protection to Windows Server 2019, new threats that pose elevated enterprise risks continue to surface. As a result, Microsoft added significant new security capabilities to Windows Server 2022, including hardware root-of-trust, firmware protection, and virtualization-based security.

RDS Licensing

RDS 2022 license is easily obtainable due to its recent release compared to 2019. Whether you want device Cal or User Cal, you can get everything in stock. The process of managing license access has been made easier in Windows Server 2022 RDS. But companies have to understand the RDS client access license (CAL) and obtain proper licenses for their RDS environments. In this regard, DirectDeals proves substantial with their repository of the RDS licensing guide.

Windows Defender

The 2019 version has the ability to secure remote access connections without establishing a VPN connection. In the RDS 2022 version, the Windows Defender is made more effective. Though Windows Defender works with the 2019 version, only it has been optimized for the 2022 version.

Data Encryption

Data encryption refers to information and sensitive data that can enhance communication security between client apps and servers. The new version always has an edge on the security front because it has new patches and improvements. And so, with improved data encryption, the RDS 2022 is considered a more secure software. With the 2022 version, it has been easier to encrypt data compared to the 2019 version.

Virtual Machines:

The Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services has the ability to connect to desktops via sessions or virtual machines. But the RDS 2022 has virtual machines that include improved isolation. The Windows Server RDS 2022 version contains improved isolation at the virtual machines than the 2019 version. This leads to better processing of, for example, logon storms.

RDS is well-suited for people who stay busy to host or manage Linux servers themselves. If your business grows rapidly, it's much easier to spin up more Windows Servers or increase capacity on your RDS instance.

Does RDS deliver good value for the price?

Almost every person has had a gadget stolen or misplaced in a public setting, yet many don't utilize encryption. Once more, virtual private networks (VPNs) should be used by remote employees to protect sensitive data from being intercepted by cyber attackers who want to spread malware across unprotected public Wi-Fi networks. Therefore having your encrypted data increases the data integrity saving brand reputation too. Here, having knowledge of licensing is important on what CAL to acquire, especially if you are going for Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services Licensing type.

You must adopt a data-centric data security platform to increase data protection, detect/respond to threats, and satisfy compliance if you want total visibility into the security of your data. To learn how DirectDeals can assist your business get the right software and Cals for protecting your data right away, set up a tech talk with us. We have 23 years of expertise selling software that works for businesses in development and scalability.

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