Why Should You Invest In Windows Server 2019?

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As you all know, a successful business is a dream of every business owner, but we all are aware that a successful business needs a lot, such as willingness to take risks, tenacity, strong vision, passionate leaders, and much more.

But other than these traits, have you ever tried to know the importance of a good, smooth-running, and fully advanced featured server? Well, some of you are may aware of this topic, but some of them will say that they didn’t pay attention to it.

But people, having a good operating system and server in any company is as important as an ideal plan & its execution. And in this blog, we will tell the most demanding server in the market. To make your OS flat as a pancake, Microsoft Windows Server 2019 is the best solution.

So, in this blog, we will tell you the most important and outstanding features of Windows Server 2019.

What do you mean by a Windows Server?

Windows Server is a line of OS that Microsoft develops explicitly for use on a server. Servers are mighty machines organized to run constantly and deliver resources to other computers. In almost all scenarios, Windows Server is only used in business settings.

Windows Server 2019 will provide Defense against viruses, Protection against losing data, and a lot more. Other than this, Windows Server 2019 has some amazing editions as well, such as Windows Server 2019 Essentials, Standard, and Datacenter. We will discuss it more in the next section.

Surprising Features of Windows Server 2019

Enhanced Security

Windows Server 2019 contains some big security improvements, making it the most secure Microsoft OS to date. The Defender feature even exists and is improved by other supporting technologies that guard against threats proactively, and Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a fulfillment of technologies.

Operating basically an ecosystem that Windows machines tap into to leverage Azure to watch for hazards, submit reports about unique dangers, and work with other ATP consumers to protect the world’s devices better.

Windows Admin Center

Windows Admin Center is a graphical console for handling the server. The software can be ordered through the browser, used remotely, and lets admins control connected hardware.

By clicking on Azure, the software also delivers a good starting point for managing a hybrid cloud solution. However, the Windows Admin Center is only a partial replacement for the Remote Server Administration Tool (RSAT), which must still be used in parallel.


Windows Server 2019 provides a container feature that allows users to deploy and run applications in isolated, lightweight containers. Containers offer a way to package and deploy applications and their dependencies as a single unit, ensuring they run consistently across different environments.

The container feature in Windows Server 2019 includes two types of containers: Windows Server containers and Hyper-V containers.

Windows Server containers share the host operating system kernel with other containers, making them more lightweight and efficient than traditional virtual machines. They are ideal for running applications that do not require strict isolation from the host operating system.

Hyper-V containers, on the other hand, provide complete isolation by running each container in its virtual machine. This makes them more secure but also more resource-intensive than Windows Server containers. Hyper-V containers are a good choice for running applications that require strict isolation from the host operating system.

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard also includes support for Docker containers, which allows users to use standard Docker tools and workflows to create, deploy, and manage their containers. Docker containers are famous for building and deploying modern, cloud-native applications.

Some features are common between Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and its editions, and they are:

Similarities between Windows Server 2019 Standard and Datacenter

Windows Server Standard 2019 and Windows Server Datacenter 2019 share several similarities, as they are both operating systems designed to provide robust, reliable, and secure server functionality.

Here are some of the similarities between the two:

  • Both editions are based on the same code base, so they have the same features and capabilities.
  • Both editions support Hyper-V virtualization technology, allowing you to create and manage virtual machines.
  • Both editions support storage spaces, which enable you to pool and manage storage resources across multiple disks.
  • Both editions offer enhanced security features, such as Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Windows Defender Exploit Guard.
  • Both editions support the latest networking protocols, such as SMB 3.0 and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) failover.
  • Both editions offer the same level of support and receive the same security updates and patches from Microsoft.

However, there are also some differences between Windows Server Standard 2019 16 core and the datacenter edition, such as licensing, virtualization rights, and support for specific features, such as Shielded Virtual Machines, Storage Replica, and Software-defined Networking.

So, we have told you a lot about Windows Server 2019 and its editions. All the editions are best in their own place. Now just go through the below table and by the end of it, you will surely get to know which edition you choose:





User/ Device limit

25 users/50 Devices

Unlimited with CAL

Unlimited with CAL

Host Guardian Service




Windows Server Containers




Storage Replica




Storage Spaces Direct




Windows Server 2019 is more effective and stable than any of its predecessors. This means that your core infrastructure technologies will run more nicely than they ever have and be more secure than ever with Windows Server 2019. In addition to that, if you want more robust features of the server, then you can also go with Windows Server 2022, the latest one. You can get all the information regarding the latest server by visiting our blog section.

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