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Parallel Cable - 25 Pin D-Sub (Db-25) - Male - 36 Pin Centronics - Male - 10 Fee

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ETA Date: 2/24/2023
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Parallel cable - DB-25 (M) to 36 pin Centronics (M) - 10 ft - for Lexmark CX522, CX622, CX625, MX522, MX722, MX822, XC4240, XM3250, XM5365, XM5370, XM7370

Important Information

Lexmark delivers high-powered solutions, services and supplies that meet or exceed the needs of customers ranging from the small office to the large corporate enterprise. Years of printing industry leadership, coupled with a close relationship with its customers, allow Lexmark to develop high-quality, easy-to-use business products and services.


Main Specifications

Product Description: Lexmark parallel cable - 10 ft
Type: Parallel cable
Length: 10 ft
Connector: DB-25 - male
Connector (Second End): 36 pin Centronics - male
Designed For: Lexmark C746, C748, C792, C925, C950, CX522, CX622, CX625, E462, ES460, MX511, MX522, MX622, MX722, MX822, MX826, MX910, TS652, X746, X748, X792, X860dhe 4, X862de 4, X862dte 4, X925, X950, X952, X954, XC4240, XC9235, XM1246, XM3250, XM5263, XM5270, XM5365, XM5370, XM7263, XM7270, XM7355, XM7370


Type: Parallel cable
Length: 10 ft


Connector: 25 pin D-Sub (DB-25) - male
Connector (Second End): 36 pin Centronics - male


Compliant Standards: IEEE-1284

Compatibility Information

Designed For: Lexmark B2650DN, B2650dw, B2865dw, C510n, C522tn, C524, C524dn, C524dtn, C524n, C524tn, C534dn, C534dtn, C534n, C734n, C746dn, C746dtn, C746n, C748de, C748dte, C748e, C760dn, C760n, C762, C762dtn, C770dn, C770dtn, C770n, C772dn, C772dtn, C772n, C792dhe, C792dte, C912, C912dn, C912n, C912nl, C920, C920dn, C920dtn, C920n, C925dte, C935hdn, C950DE, C950dte, CX522ade, CX522de, CX622ade, CX622de, CX625ade, CX625adhe, CX625de, CX920de, E232, E232n, E232t, E238, E240, E240n, E240tn, E250d, E250dn, E260d, E260dt, E260dtn, E332tn, E340, E340 (SAMS Coded), E340 (ULLS Coded), E342n (US Army PM LIS vers), E342tn, E350d, E352dn, E360dtn, E450dn, E462dtn, ES460dn, MB2546ade, MB2546adwe, MB2650adwe, MB2770adhwe, MB2770adwhe, MS821n, MS826de, MX511dhe LDS, MX522dhe, MX622de, MX721ade, MX721adhe, MX722ade, MX722adhe, MX722de, MX722dhe, MX822ade, MX822adxe, MX822de, MX826ade, MX826adxe, MX826de, MX910dte, T420d, T420dn, T420dt, T420dtn, T630, T630 VE, T630d, T630dn, T630dt, T630dtn, T630n, T630n VE, T630t, T630tn, T632dtn, T640, T640dn, T640dtn, T640n, T642, T642dtn, T642n, T642tn, T644, T644dtn, T644n, T644tn, T652dn, T654dn, T654dtn, T654n, TS652dn, W820dn, W820dnTR, W820nTR, W840, W840dn, W840n, W850n, X215n MFP, X464de, X466dwe, X642e MFP, X642e MFP Page Plus Solution, X644e MFP, X644e MFP Page Plus Solution, X646dte MFP Page Plus Solution, X646e MFP, X651de MFP, X652de, X658dtfe MFP, X658dtme MFP, X736de, X746de, X748de, X748de LDS, X748de Statoil, X748dte, X752e MFP, X792de, X792dtfe, X792dtme, X820e MFP, X850e MFP, X850e MFP Page Plus Solution, X852e MFP, X852e MFP Page Plus Solution, X854e MFP, X854e MFP Page Plus Solution, X860dhe 4, X862de 4 Statoil, X862dte 4, X925de, X940e, X945e, X950DE, X950dhe, X950dhe Statoil, X950dte, X952DE, X952dhe, X954DE, X954DHE, XC2235, XC4240i, XC9235dte, XC9235dxe, XM1246i, XM3250i, XM5263, XM5270, XM5365, XM5365i, XM5370i, XM7263, XM7270, XM7355, XM7355b, XM7355bi, XM7355i, XM7370, XM7370i