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Windows 7 Home Premium 32/64-bit - Download

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Microsoft Windows 7 is appropriate for all types of businesses as well as for personal use at home. It comes with new and secured features which make it easy and convenient to be used. So, now get yourself organized to work, play and talk using this Windows on your PC or Desktop.

Windows 7: A PC Which Modifies According to Your Needs

This user-friendly software has simple interfaces and flexible functionalities. It offers you fast-paced activities with innovation and advancements.

Task Bar

Windows 7 comes with a user-friendly Task Bar. You can pin items that you use frequently and keep them just a click away. You can also quickly access recently open files and important functions of any pinned item with just a right-click.

Action Center

This new feature in Windows 7 can be accessed from that small flag in the lower right on the screen. It gives you alerts and notifications about various things. Get reminders regarding the security, backup, etc. so that your device and important data remain safe.

Aero Interface

Experience better graphics, touch support, etc. with the Windows Aero Interface. It also brings translucent windows and many other features that make Windows 7 user-friendly and flexible. This design language comes with innovations like Aero Peek, Aero Snap, and Aero Shake.


Personalize your desktop with the exciting new Windows 7 themes and system sounds. Put attractive pre-installed theme packs that you can find in the control panel or download them from Microsoft. You can also change the desktop wallpaper to any image that you wish.


You can customize your Windows 7 desktop by adding gadgets to the sidebar of the desktop. Know updates like date, weather, feed headlines, CPU monitor, etc with a glance at your screen. You can add a few minigames to keep you away from boredom.


Quickly and effortlessly find anything and everything you need from the much more responsive search box in the start menu. The start menu shows applications and programs in grouped categories. This makes it easier to look for a specific application when you need it.

The All in One: Microsoft Windows 7

It is built to meet everyone’s needs with better integration of applications for work, gaming mode, and epic graphic experience.

Balanced Desktop

Your one place to be productive, all while keeping work in check with cloud management features that help you access work from anywhere.

Connect in a Secured Way

Connect and run different applications without worrying about security threats. Windows 7 comes with advanced features to protect your device and data.

Better Performance

Work, play games, and watch movies without a pause. Experience faster and improved performance on this innovative software that comes with advanced technology.

More Secured

Safeguard your businesses against malware, cyber-attacks, and potential threats with advanced apps and features that come with Microsoft Windows 7.

Enhanced Security System & Hardware
Strong Applications Security & Privacy Controls
The User’s Identity is Secured

Comparison Between Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional

Feature Home Premium Professional
Backup and Restore
Credential Manager
Parental Controls
User Account Control
Location Aware Printing
Remote Desktop Connection
Window XP Mode
Group Policy Controls
Encrypting File System
Offline Folders

Important Information

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Includes Windows 7 Home Premium 32/64-bit - Download
Installation Method Digital Download
Devices Supported 1 Device
Installations Supported 1 Installation
Licensed Use Licensed For Home And Commercial Use
Brand Microsoft
Minimum Hard Drive Space 20 GB
Minimum Memory 1 GB RAM for 32-bit; 2 GB for 64-bit
Minimum Processor Speed 1 GHz or faster compatible processor