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Windows 2012 Remote Desktop Services Single Device CAL OLP

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Cloud-Optimize Your IT For Your Business

With RDS 2012 you can scale up your business and secure workloads on the cloud much better. You get a complete Virtualization Platform to help build and deploy applications.


Manage Your Physical Environments

Get convenient remote connectivity for your desktops, programs, and other Windows features that can be used anytime, anywhere with internet access. Manage your physical and minimally virtualized server environments with RDS Server 2012.

Remote Desktop Services 2012 CAL Model

The RDS 2012 supports both Per-user licensing and Per-device licensing to create flexible access to data and applications. Purchase the license to quickly provide access for each connecting device or user to an RD Session Host server.

Licensing Model

The Remote Desktop Services 2012 CAL license server can only host licenses up to Windows Server 2012.

CAL Requirements

Each user and device accessing a license can be purchased via instant delivery and open license.

Access To Server

A RDS CAL allows access to any edition of Windows Server of the same or earlier version.

RDS CAL license

It is available in all channels via OEM, Volume Licensing, and Retail programs.

Product Information

The table below shows which RDS CAL and license server versions are compatible with each other because you need to install your RDS CAL on a compatible RD license server.

Attributes RDS 2012 CAL RDS 2016 CAL RDS 2019 CAL
2012 license server Yes No No
2016 license server yes Yes No
2019 license server Yes Yes Yes

Azure Hybrid Benefit

RDS with Azure services in Windows Server 2016 is engineered to help you deploy and manage a database server in the cloud. You can use this solution to deploy and manage your database in the cloud without any additional hardware or software costs or hassles associated with maintaining an on-premises database server.

Remote Desktop Services (formerly known as Terminal Services) provides functionality similar to a terminal-based, centralized host, or mainframe, environment in which multiple terminals connect to a host computer. Each terminal provides a conduit for input and output between a user and the host computer. A user can log on at a terminal, and then run applications on the host computer, accessing files, databases, network resources, and so on. Each terminal session is independent, with the host operating system managing conflicts between multiple users contending for shared resources.

Important Information