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SQL Server 2022 Standard with 10 User CALs - License

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SQL Server 2022 Standard Edition with 10 User CALs (Client Access Licenses) is a robust database management system tailored for businesses seeking advanced data management, analytics, and reporting capabilities without the extensive feature set and cost of the Enterprise Edition. This package is specifically designed to support small to medium-sized business operations, offering a cost-effective solution that includes licenses for up to 10 users to access the SQL Server database. The inclusion of User CALs makes it an ideal choice for organizations with defined numbers of database users, ensuring compliance and providing scalable access to the database system as the organization grows.

Important Information


  • Edition: Standard Edition 2022
  • License Type: Includes 10 User CALs for SQL Server access
  • Supported Operating Systems: Compatible with both Windows and Linux environments
  • Database Size Limit: Up to 524 PB (Petabytes) per instance, accommodating vast amounts of data
  • Maximum Compute Capacity: Supports the lesser of 4 sockets or 24 cores, providing substantial processing power for demanding applications
  • RAM Support: Can utilize up to 128 GB of memory per instance, enhancing performance and speed
  • High Availability: Offers Basic Always On, enabling 2-node single database failover, along with log shipping for data redundancy and recovery
  • Replication: Includes Transactional, Merge, and Snapshot replication types, facilitating data synchronization and consistency
  • Security Features: Features basic auditing, fine-grained auditing, transparent data encryption, and basic dynamic data masking to protect sensitive information
  • Data Integration: Provides Basic SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), PolyBase for T-SQL querying of external data, and basic data classification for streamlined data management
  • Analytics and Reporting: Includes Basic SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and Basic SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for comprehensive data analysis and reporting
  • Machine Learning Services: Supports R and Python scripting for predictive analytics and data processing, with some limitations compared to the Enterprise edition
  • License Model: Licensed based on the Server + CAL model, offering flexibility and scalability for user access