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SQL Server 2008 Standard - 1 CPU License - Unlimited Cores and Clients - Download

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SQL Server 2008 Standard - 4 Core License - Unlimited Clients - Download

Price: $1,499.99


The Most Comprehensive, Intelligent Database Platform For Modern Enterprise

SQL Server 2008 Standard - 1 CPU License- Faster, Safer, & More Intelligent Than Ever


Industry Leading

Build mission-critical, intelligent apps across all workloads for online transaction processing (OLTP) with the help of familiar tools like Excel.

Advanced Security

Protect data at rest and in motion. SQL Server 2008 is the least vulnerable database made by Microsoft with breakthrough scalability, and performance.

Improved Performance

Improve the performance of recovery and efficiently use the memory by compressing backup and data.

Easily Applicable Encryption

The encryption for data files or backup files can be done by Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). It does not require any modification for code and is easily applicable.

Made For Hybrid Cloud

Get a consistent platform and tooling for easier workload mobility between your datacenter, private cloud, or Microsoft Azure.

Faster Queries

Users want to access the data as soon as you share it with them. The Microsoft SQL Server 2008 comes with various such options to enable faster queries. Memory-optimized tables are compatible enough to support faster online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads with better performance.

In-Memory OLTP Enhancements

This accelerates transactional workloads with great coexistence and too many locks by moving data from disk-based tables to memory-optimized tables and by compiling native stored methods. It can also help in improving the data storage staging process by using memory-optimized, non-durable tables as staging tables

In-Memory Analytics

Get more options to perform real-time analytics on speedily changing storage data. The resource conflicts are quite reduced now which used to occur between the two workloads when they ran simultaneously. When changes are made to a table, the database engine automatically maintains the changes for the index to ensure it stays up to date with the underlying table.

Analysis Services Enhancements

Analysis Services offers two different modes to aid in the rapid analysis and reporting: multidimensional and tabular. Both of these modes are present in SQL Server 2008 to improve the performance. Do the tasks with more ease as compared to its previous versions.

Remove Bottlenecks, Expand Business

A slow-performing business or unavailable database can create hurdles in the daily functioning of the organisation. But with SQL Server 2008, you can deploy and manage databases with ease. Now, you can work from anywhere and anytime with cloud integration.

Flexibility in Audits

SQL Server 2008 makes the auditing process easy for users. Now you can customise and choose which events to write in the audit log by filtering them with ease.

Store Unstructured Files With Ease

Store unstructured files with ease by Filestream Storage. This feature is very useful when you are storing files larger than 1 MB in your SQL Server and need them at hand.

Failover Support

If two or more servers are running on SQL Server, they can be configured to provide you failover support. If one of the servers fails, its processing can be recovered and picked up by another server.

Database Mirroring

This technology that comes with SQL server 2008 increases the database ability. It can quickly failover to the server that is for standby by transferring the transaction log records easily from one server to another.

Failover Clustering

It is a process in which the OS and SQL Server 2008 can together provide ability in case of failure of any application, hardware, or operating system error.

Backup Log-Shipping

This feature automatically copies and restores the transaction logs of the database to another standby server’s database.

Other Features


Manage Workloads easily

Take advantage of the Resource Governer that is useful while working on high importance or server consolidated workloads. Ensure the performance of your system with this advanced feature that comes with SQL Server 2008.

Faster Analytics Features

Ensure better and faster analytics features with SQL Server 2008. The improvements to tabular models provide more flexibility in designing models, and a variety of new tools which help you develop solutions fastly and easily.

SQL Server Reporting Services

The SQL Server 2008 enables a more modern development environment with better parameter layout options, and two new data visualisations to its report developers.

Improved Azure SQL Database

Integrating new functionality into the SQL Database prior to the SQL Server, the development team can leverage a full test and telemetry cycle at a scale, allowing them to add features to both products more quickly.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard

SQL Server 2008 is here to take out the fear from you! Now you can have complete and optimised control of your data. It gets you more equipped with the evolving data world all around you. Managing your database with the cloud is made quite easy and simple as it comes with some of the brilliant new tools. Now you can get the most detailed reports ever with the most advanced analysis SQL Server has ever had. Get the most out of your data without compromising its integrity - SQL Server Standard 2008 is the most secure version to securely manage your business data. Regardless of how you interact with your data, SQL Server 2008 gives you the tools to gain deeper insights, improve security and performance, and extend your databases in hybrid environments.

Compare SQL Server 2008 - Standard and Enterprise

Edition Limits SQL Server 2008 SQL Server 2008 R2
Datacenter Processors/OSEs/Memory N/A Up to 256 logical processors / Unlimited / OS maximum
Enterprise Processors / OSEs / Memory Unlimited / OS maximum Up to 8 processors / Up to 4 per Server License /2TB
Standard Memory / OS maximum 64GB

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard - 1 CPU License - Unlimited Cores and Clients Download. Mfg Part Number 228-08404 or E65-00138

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