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Microsoft Discontinues OLP, Migrate To New CSP For Better Experience!

Microsoft introduced the ‘new commerce experience’, back in November 2019 stating, that “a more agile way for partners and customers to engage and do business with Microsoft, driving greater transparency and better business outcomes”. This new commerce experience was supported by two new agreements making life simpler for partners and one for customers.

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What is the Need to End the OLP Program?

Because the licenses bought via the Open License program are of ‘perpetual use’ kind. Meaning even if Microsoft announces the software has reached its End-Of-Life (EOL) it can still be used by the users because the product license does not expire. A single one-time payment can make the software used for a lifetime.

To end something is a way to say its era and usage has been met its course. And so the new CSP program is a way to strengthen the Cloud-based service that keeps the user updated with new features. Likewise, it helps in optimizing the business.

But the major reason to end this is to simplify the licensing. Earlier the user base was limited to Microsoft only, but now CSP has 90,000+ different Indirect and Direct partners. Moreover, customers can now buy via all three available channels namely- direct partners, self-service, and Microsoft-led channels.

What Will Happen To Previous Purchases?

Licenses acquired via OLP before January 01, 2022, can still be used after this date. But that software will reach an End Of Support and an End Of Life status in the (nearby) future. Making you no longer receive security updates, leaving organizations who continue to use these vulnerable.

What About Future Purchases And Renewals?

For commercial customers, non-enterprise, 500 users or less: Any purchase after December 31, 2021, will be done via the CSP program, be it for new software licenses, subscriptions, or Azure usage.

For enterprise customers, 500 users or more: If purchases are made via OLP then they can also migrate to the CSP program by talking to their IT partner.

New Opportunities Awaits!

The Timeline:

From January 01, 2021, onwards, the start of inclusion of perpetual licenses in CSP.

December 31, 2021, is the last day for purchases and renewals via Open License.

From January 01, 2022, the Purchases and renewals via Open License are no longer possible. But the Software Assurance continues till the expiration date. However, the online services tokens can still be assigned and used.

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