Efficiently Perform Download Office 2016: Quick Start Guides for Windows

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The Office tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint offer a flexible way to present data and organize them in reports. These are used universally in many organizations and corporate offices. It is imperative to know about these tools for ensuring success. Although MS Office is easy to understand and simple to use, some users still need assistance. To work efficiently you can download Office 2016 Quick Start Guides for Windows version that lets you utilize the applications to their maximum potential.

The applications we will discuss here include- Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel, and OneDrive. All these tools help us to organize and create documents for a modern outlook and relevance. They are necessary for today’s job market. Plus, with the help of OneDrive, you can get access to the saved documents anytime and anywhere.

How to use Office 2016 Quick Start Guides- Download for Windows

Are you new to MS Office 2016? Or want to expand your knowledge on its applications? Be it for personal use or business work, Microsoft Office is the best medium to be productive. But we also understand that things get a handful working on them. It happens because most of the users work on some basic features only. However, it is necessary to know about advanced functions that help manage information in a presentable way.

In this section, each aspect of Office 2016 built-in tools gets a mention for conceptual clarity. Moreover, what happens with these applications is that as you practice more, you will be able to perform faster. You will grow and start using shortcuts which in turn will save time.

Prime features that are available in all Office applications include:

Quick access toolbar-

To make your favorite shortcuts visible on the screen, use this toolbar. It will reflect on the topmost bar above the file menu.

Show and hide the ribbon

Use the pin icon to stick the frequently used tools in the ribbon section. It becomes easy to pick and apply the features if the ribbon is open for view.

Create files

You will get a list of customized templates, including free templates, to start the work. For a fresh new document, use the Blank Document/workbook given in the tool options. Or try Click File > New to search for the template of your choice.

Find recent files

When stuck with finding the file other than the ones stored on your local PC, Click File > Open to locate the files. So if you have opened a file from the cloud, you get easy access to the same. You can also pin the files for quick access.

Stay connected and share your work with ease

Click File > Account to sign in and access your work across different devices. The seamless integration is available between Office, OneDrive, and SharePoint. Further, with the share button in the top right corner, you can invite others to edit documents in the cloud.

    Going further, let us learn about these applications one by one:

    MS Word:

    The newly designed Word 2016 gives an effortless document creation with a professional look. You get state-of-the-art facilities for editing documents and reviewing. The sharing function enables your peers or co-author to edit the file, where you can see who else is working. For a small business owner, having word is a boon to increase business productivity. It can improve your documentation and make report-making efficient.

    MS Excel:

    Create and manage your database with the use of an Excel workbook. It is a very convenient application for maintaining your account and finances. You can also make a monthly budget in this workbook. The insert and edit function help you to use the formula tab for faster computing. Moreover, the calculation is accurate so that you always have a presentation-ready report. With features like slicers and formula builder, you can decrease the workload.

    MS PowerPoint:

    PPT is a unique way to grab the audience’s attention and interactively share your knowledge, be it your school assignment or business project. You can present your ideas in a cinematic way with an all-new Morph feature, a new addition to PowerPoint 2016 edition. Create a presentation in slides and project to your audience the best view with multiple effects such as speaker notes and threaded comments that go alongside your presentation.

    MS OneNote:

    One of the excellent tools in the MS Office is OneNote. It gives you the flexibility and freedom to note down and write any place on the canvas. Even if it’s just a word, you can write and close it as it gets saved automatically. Here, your idea gets room because you can even keep audio and video files. It’s like a personal digital note that you can keep the tab from anywhere. Ideal for school assignments, travel plans, planners, and work projects.


    All the documents, be it Word, PowerPoint, and Excel sheets, are easily accessible with OneDrive. The seamless integration allows you to sign in from any device.

    All the above applications are significant for the students to increase their learning and make them efficient for today’s job market.