Comparing and Optimizing Costs for Your High Availability SQL Server

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SQL Server Pricing

The price may be the most significant factor when purchasing an SQL server. And you can solve this problem only when you know your business needs. So, the first step is to find out what your business wants, and according to that, you can go with any of these editions; it's up to you. After understanding the subject, you can buy SQL Server Standard pricing according to your business needs. We all know that the SQL Server products from Microsoft are extremely popular as database server software and are widely used when deploying a server.

Before jumping to SQL Server pricing, let’s first understand the importance of SQL Server for your business. A relational database management system (RDBMS) like Microsoft SQL Server in a corporate environment enables businesses to process transactions, analyze data, and make business decisions. Microsoft SQL Server, along with Oracle Database and IBM's DB2, is one of the three market-leading database technologies.

To introduce the right things, we are here to give you a deep-down knowledge of this database. This blog shows you all the possible things you should know before you buy.

What essential factors do you need to know about the SQL Server Standard?

The SQL Server Standard is one of the industry's leading performance and intelligence across all your structured and unstructured data. It has proven that it is the most secure database over the years. You will be amazed to know that it is built so that it can take on any data project.

SQL Server 2019 Pricing and What Are the Benefits of This Edition?

  • The best part about this edition is that it analyzes both structured and unstructured data.
  • This edition is the best choice if you want to choose the language and platform.
  • This edition may give you breakthrough performance and scalability of the database.
  • With this version of Big Data Clusters, you can manage your vast data more efficiently.
  • Inactive long-running transactions can make database recovery time-consuming and challenging to complete on time, but this edition accelerates the database recovery.

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 download and what will you love about it?

  • Benefit from unprecedented scalability, performance, and accessibility for mission-critical, intelligent applications and data warehouses.
  • Guard data at rest and in motion with the most miniature database in the NIST vulnerabilities database.
  • Real-time analytics with monthly predictions can provide transformative insights for your business.
  • If we talk about this edition's performance, it includes in-memory OLTP, a memory column store, real-time operational analytics, buffer pool extension to SSD, and many more.
  • Data encryption, backup encryption, encryption in motion and at rest, dynamic data masking, separation of duties, and numerous other security features are all included in this version.
  • Cloud readiness includes backup to Azure, disaster recovery to Microsoft Azure, stretch database, and optimized virtual machine images in the Azure gallery.

SQL Server 2014 Standard pricing, and let's see what its features are:

The SQL Server 2014 Standard Pricing is available in a simple, tiered model that ensures greater consistency across product editions, features, and licensing. Enterprise Edition includes all of SQL Server 2014's capabilities. The Business Intelligence Edition consists of all the powers of the Standard Edition and the BI capabilities of the Enterprise Edition.

Let's see the features of SQL Server 2014

  • Performance-wise: It includes memory OLTP, in-memory column store, and buffer pool extension to SSD.
  • Security-wise: Transparent data encryption, backup encryption support, and separation of duties.
  • Cloud readiness: It includes backup to Azure, disaster recovery to Microsoft Azure, and optimized virtual machine images in Azure.

Before finalizing this edition for your business, you must also know the price of the SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition and some other critical factors. SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition is restricted to 64GB of RAM for the Database Engine. It includes a relational database engine and essential business intelligence (BI) capabilities. The Standard Edition supports two-node Always-On Failover Clusters; the licensing is per core or server. Depending on the user's requirement, they can go for any licensing model. Know SQL Server 2012 Standard edition price from the list of software’s available on the platform.


Now that you know which version best suits your business, you can compare all the editions and choose the correct one. You may want to learn more about SQL Server Standard pricing on the DirectDeals, the top platform to get the correct information and the most competitive price. The team is always available to help you.

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