All About Windows Office 2021 from New Features, Upgrade to System Requirements

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The wait for Microsoft Office 2021 is over! Now, we have with us the new and improved form of Microsoft suites. The apps are now more productive and user-friendly to use. With already great features in MS Office 2019, the new version is even better with several enhancements.

You will find inking tools, translation, and the much-talked-about co-authoring features. The Office 2021 offers much scope for both individuals and businesses alike to complete their work with efficiency.

Along with the consumer version of MS Office 2021, Microsoft also launched a notable Office LTSC version and Office 365. The LTSC refers to a long-term servicing channel that has most of the upgrades from Office 2021. It is a perpetual-license version and is a separate product for systems that can not handle frequent updates. This is a non-subscription product as compared to Microsoft 365, which is subscription-based. Here, many users get confused about how Office 365 is different from Office 2021. Let us clarify this in our next section:

Difference between Office 2021 and Microsoft 365:

As said above, Microsoft 365 or Office 365 is a subscription-based product that offers the same productivity tools as Office 2021. It gives freedom to create and work on the files as long as the user has a package subscription. Once the plan expires, the files become read-only versions, and you lose the right to edit those files.

However, for Office 2021, users need to purchase the product, which is a one-time payment. It means that after the purchase, you get access to all the productive apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. But as Office 2021 is itself an upgrade to 2019, any new upgrade has to be purchased again. So whenever Microsoft comes up with a new version, keep in mind there is a price to pay. Having said that, you should know that the upgrade option is available in Microsoft 365.

Some other differences include:

Cost: The price for Office 2021 is only a one-time cost, while Office 365 has to be subscribed on a monthly or yearly basis.

Applications and features update: For Office 2021, only the applications’ versions are up-to-date, whereas for Office 365, apart from versions, you will always get the updated features on time.

Online storage: You won’t be able to enjoy the storage facility in Office 2021, which is present with the Office 365 subscription facility.

Technical support: Only Office 365 users are allowed to avail of the technical support benefit.

Why should you choose Windows 2021 over 2019?

Thinking over and again if it’s right to upgrade to the new 2021 version? Well, yes! There is a lot more going on in the latest version, and if you love working on windows, you should do it for your ease. You can be sure after knowing the exact features. Below is the pointwise breakdown of the additions that are available in the Windows 2021 app suits:

MS Word:

  • Co-authoring feature where you and your colleagues can edit and work on the same document where you get to see each other’s work changes in real-time.
  • The monoline style iconography with simple visuals allows easy accessibility by all users. You can now work with new refreshed tabs present in the ribbon.
  • Insert premium and rich content to the Office creative content collection, which can help you create icons, stock images, and much more.
  • Now find Support for OpenDocument format (ODF) 1.3. It adds support to new features saved under Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OOXML format as well.

MS Excel:

  • Use the XLOOKUP search function to find data in the tables and ranges.
  • New LET function that allocates names to the calculation results.
  • If you are looking for a specific item, then the XMATCH search function help with finding the item's relative position
  • Get access to the dynamic array functions. It includes Sort, Filter, Unique, Sortby, Sequence, and Randarray.

MS PowerPoint:

  • The add-in to record slide show option is great for presenting video recording, laster pointer recording, and ink recording.
  • Now you get to work with slide elements in screen-reading order which you can rearrange as and when required.
  • For better visualization of work, you can use the replay ink strokes to get a step-wise illustration of things to understand in a better way.

MS Outlook:

  • The new add-in supports Email translation in 70 different languages, adding more people to work with efficiently.
  • Try the instant search function to find your specific emails much fast.
  • Allows annotating email images with the use of a pen, mouse, or finger.

MS Access:

  • In this, you get an updated linked table manager. It has refresh, remove and relink options.
  • A tab manager for you to use active tabs, close the database, and rearrange tabs.
  • Access to the SQL DateTime2 data type.

MS Visio:

  • Get the new AWS Azure shapes and stencils.
  • And get workplace social distancing stencil and template.

The system requirements to work on Windows 2021 are the same as in 2019 which is:

  • 1GHz dual-core CPU processor
  • DirectX 9 or higher GPYU with WDDM 2.0 or higher
  • 4GB RAM memory and storage of 4GB
  • 1280x768 screen display resolution
  • Works on the current browser version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox
  • Some features require .NET 4.6 or higher and some Outlook features require Microsoft Edge WebView2

Now expand your skills and be efficient by working with all these updated features in Windows Office 2021. If you are looking for buying options, then it is easily available at

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